Farcaster is Permissionless

Why we're excited, and a recap of the integrations we've built so far.

Farcaster is now open and permissionless for anyone to signup and use.

At Paragraph, we believe that sufficiently decentralized protocols like Farcaster provide better solutions for creators and their audience alike. We've talked about this before, but using protocols over platforms provide several unique guarantees and benefits:

  • Developers (like us!) can build on top of them permissionlessly, without risking rules changing or APIs being pulled

  • Creators can own their audience and take it wherever they go, without risk of it getting shut off

We've worked on several integrations between Paragraph and Farcaster illustrating the power of permissionless protocols, but we believe we're just scratching the surface of what's possible. To recap, here's what we've built so far:

Subscribe to your Farcaster follower's newsletters

When you first connect your wallet to Paragraph, we permissionlessly pull in all your Farcaster follower's newsletters and prompt you to subscribe to them in one click. We're using the Farcaster's social graph for network effects, helping creators grow.

Farcaster-based Comment System

Typically, conversation about an article doesn't happen on the article itself - it happens on social media.

Whenever Paragraph posts are shared on Farcaster, we permissionlessly pull in all conversation about the post and display it on Paragraph directly. This lets creators get a holistic view of all discussion happening about their content, and it lets readers dive deeper and branch off into separate discussions.

Personalized Discovery

In a single feed, view all the Paragraph posts that your Farcaster followers are creating.

View all Paragraph posts that are trending on Farcaster, based on the number of shares and discussions about a post.

Farcaster-based Distribution

Whenever a creator posts on Paragraph, we automatically generate a summary and share it using our Paragraph bot.

To commemorate this milestone, we've turned this post into an NFT. Collect it to celebrate the permissionless launch of Farcaster:

For more info on getting started with these integrations, check out our docs.

We're excited about what the future holds and we're thrilled to continue building on top of permissionless protocols to further benefit creators.

Collect this post to permanently own it.
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