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We've Raised $5m & We're Joining Forces with Mirror

Announcing our new fundraise and unveiling a new chapter with Mirror.

Today, we're thrilled to share some exciting news:

  • Paragraph will be taking ownership of the Mirror product

  • We've raised $5m from Union Square Ventures & Coinbase Ventures

A New Chapter with Mirror

Both Mirror and Paragraph have always shared a common goal: to empower creators with the tools needed to own direct relationships with their audiences, and to unlock powerful new monetization & distribution models. Now that Paragraph is uniting with Mirror, we'll be positioned to accelerate our mission and expand our support to an even wider array of creators.

I'll continue to be CEO, and Denis Nazarov, the founder of Mirror, will remain as an advisor.

In the nearterm, publishing on both Mirror and Paragraph will continue as usual. We'll be spending the next several months having conversations with creators to determine what a single great choice for onchain publishing might look like.

Our $5m Fundraise

We're also excited to announce that we've raised $5m, led by Union Square Ventures with participation from Coinbase Ventures. Fred Wilson, Nick Grossman and the rest of the USV team have been thinking about the intersection of publishing & digital ownership for as long as anyone and we're thrilled to not only partner with them, but to also welcome their newsletters to Paragraph.

And, with support from industry leaders like Coinbase and Base, we'll ensure that publishing onchain is as seamless & accessible as possible.


Finally, if any of this sounds exciting for you, we're hiring across engineering, design, & growth roles:

Read the corresponding announcement on the Mirror blog.

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