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Partnering with Unstoppable Domains

A new way to register and login to Paragraph.

We're excited to announce our partnership with Unstoppable Domains! As of today, you can now register and login to Paragraph with an unstoppable domain, such as jason.crypto or maria.wallet.

Don't own an Unstoppable Domain yet? No problem - you'll be able to create one (for free!) during the Paragraph registration flow.

What does this mean for me?

If you're a reader, you can now register and subscribe to your favorite Paragraph blogs and newsletters by connecting your Unstoppable Domains account. UD gives you email privacy by providing services like Paragraph with a proxy email, while routing your newsletter subscription to your real email.

If you're a writer, your readers will be able to conveniently login with their UD account and in so doing, automatically provide an email address to subscribe to your newsletter, instead of having to manually connect their email after logging in with a wallet directly.

Ready to get started?

If you're new to Paragraph, register an account using an Unstoppable Domain today.

If you already have an existing Paragraph account, please continue to login using your wallet or email - we'll be adding support for merging accounts shortly.