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Colin Armstrong

Hi there! 😄

You’re reading this post on Papyrus: a new, privacy-focused blogging & newsletter platform.

We set out to build a platform that was a joy for blog owners to use - and, for their visitors, an even bigger joy to read.

This means…


You’ll find no trackers, tracking cookies, or GDPR consent banners here. We vow never to track our users or sell any of our user’s data.

No lock-in

Your data is truly yours: all your blogposts are exportable at any time with a single click.


Papyrus has no feature bloat or plugins. We focused on the most important usecase, and tried to do it well: writing content and sharing it with your visitors.

Since we rely on static pages, aggressive caching and intelligent prefetching, everything is ultra-fast. Pages load instantly (<100kb per page) and navigation is instantaneous.

SEO optimized

Fast-loading pages, SEO best practices, and accessibility means that you’ll always rank as a high as possible in search engines.

Think of Papyrus as a cross between static site generators (Hugo, Jenkins) and more advanced, Cloud-hosted blogging platforms (Medium, Dev.to).

This is the first release of Papyrus, so we still have a long ways to go, but we hope you’ll join us on this journey on giving users a better way to create blogs & newsletters.


The Papyrus Team

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