Paragraph and Zora

We've added support for Zora network on Paragraph.

The Zora team has made great strides in unlocking creativity onchain - they've built a world-class protocol and surrounding ecosystem of tools that have made it easier for creators to earn sustainably from their work. With the introduction of Zora protocol rewards, they've also begun giving back & rewarding users that contribute positive-sum actions to growing their ecosystem (which was a major inspiration for our own referral rewards!)

Because of this, we're thrilled to partner with them to help even more creators bring their content onchain, directly from Paragraph.

Paragraph collectibles featured on

Paragraph Collectibles on Zora Network

Creators can choose to mint their Paragraph posts as NFTs on Zora network. Additionally, collectible highlights can be minted on Zora network - readers can save any quote or text in an article as an NFT by simply highlighting and minting it.

Since Zora also supports HTML NFTs, creators can optionally choose to mint Paragraph posts into HTML, meaning the post can be read directly on Zora.

Paragraph collectibles minted on Zora network will be featured on the homepage, helping readers with discovery and creators with distribution.

Zora Network Token-Gating

Token-gate any newsletters using Zora network ERC721s, building a gated community around your creations.

We're thrilled to partner with Zora to unlock new ways of bringing creativity onchain.

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