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Farcaster Tipping Allowlist

🌟 An Artistic Twist for Collectors 🌟

Hello, collectors! We're thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature in the Farcaster universe: the Tipping Allowlist. This innovative tool lets you and your token holders tip others using your very own custom tokens, much like what does with $DEGEN, but with a personalized touch!

What is the Tipping Allowlist?

The Tipping Allowlist on Farcaster lets you choose which of your token holders can tip others. It’s a breeze to set up: simply add their username and set a daily token allowance. Voilà! They can start spreading the love with your tokens.

Important Details

  • Add Yourself: Don’t forget to add your own username if you want to join the tipping fun!

  • Allowed Users: Anyone on this list can tip with your token on Warpcast.

  • Daily Limit: Each allowed user has a daily maximum of tokens they can tip. Unused tokens don’t roll over to the next day. For instance, if user @brobeans only tips 200 out of 250 tokens, the remaining 50 disappear.

  • Excess Tips: Tips exceeding the daily limit won’t be sent. Stay within the bounds!

How to Use the Allowlist

  1. Configure: Click “Configure” to access the tipping allowlist on Farcaster.

  2. Add Users:

    • In the “Profile” section, add the usernames of the people you want to allow to tip on Warpcast.

    • In the “Daily Allowance” section, set the maximum number of tokens each person can tip per day, then click “Add”.

    • Add as many users as you like!

How Tipping Works on Warpcast

  1. Find a User: Locate the user you want to tip with your tokens.

  2. Add a Comment: Under a cast, write a comment with “Amount $TOKEN” to send the tip. Example: 200 $KURO.

  3. Weekly Distribution: Tips received by eligible users are distributed weekly to the wallet linked to their Farcaster account.

This new feature not only enhances interaction and value exchange within the community, but it also gives creators and collectors more control over their token usage. Enjoy this artistic and fun way to engage with your vibrant community on Farcaster!

By Borja Moskv | X | Farcaster | LENS

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