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Exposing Brantly Millegan: The Biggest Lie in Web 3 History

The evidence against him is overwhelming.

These 5 wallets are from Brantly Millegan:

  • TopNames.eth

  • Fortnite.eth

  • Amazon.eth

  • 0x6b7ac46d09d2adf4cebe2995ebf9d97e13e9e257

  • Brantly.eth

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In the rapidly evolving world of Web 3, where decentralization and transparency are supposed to reign supreme, a shocking scandal has emerged, implicating one of the community's prominent figures, Brantly Millegan. Evidence has surfaced revealing that Millegan has been orchestrating one of the most extensive schemes in the history of blockchain technology. This article delves into the details of his activities, tracing his manipulative strategies and the overwhelming evidence against him.

The Web of Deception

Brantly Millegan, a well-known name in the Web 3 and ENS (Ethereum Name Service) communities, is now at the center of a major controversy. It has come to light that Millegan has been controlling multiple wallets under various aliases. These wallets have been involved in suspicious activities since the inception of his engagement with the blockchain community.

The Activities

  1. Manipulating Multiple Wallets:

    • TopNames.eth: This wallet, allegedly under Millegan's control, has been involved in numerous high-value transactions that appear to be coordinated with the other wallets.

    • Fortnite.eth: Similarly, the Fortnite wallet shows a pattern of transactions that mimic those of the TopNames wallet, often exchanging large sums in short intervals.

    • Amazon.eth: This wallet has been linked to several suspicious transactions, indicating potential money laundering activities.

    • 0x6b7ac46d09d2adf4cebe2995ebf9d97e13e9e257: This address is involved in a complex web of transactions designed to obscure the true nature of Millegan鈥檚 activities.

    • Brantly.eth: This wallet participates in frequent transactions, further complicating the network of questionable activities.

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  2. Patterns of Concern:

    • Consistent Transaction Timings: The wallets controlled by Millegan often conduct transactions at similar times, suggesting a coordinated effort to move funds in a way that avoids detection.

    • Common Connections: These wallets frequently interact with the same addresses, creating a network of seemingly legitimate transactions that mask their true nature.

The Impact on the Community

Millegan's actions have not only affected individual investors but have also tarnished the reputation of the ENS and broader Web 3 community. By manipulating the system, he has undermined the foundational principles of transparency and trust that these technologies are built upon.

ENS, touted as a revolutionary step towards a decentralized internet, has been called into question. The involvement of Millegan, a key figure in the ENS development, in such activities raises serious concerns about the integrity and security of the system.


The evidence against Brantly Millegan is overwhelming. His control over multiple wallets, consistent patterns of questionable activities, and the significant impact on the community highlight the extent of his manipulation.

Two months ago, when I exposed this on Twitter, my account with 13,000 followers was banned the next day. Coincidence??? I assure you it was not.

By Borja Moskv | X | Farcaster | LENS

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