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Trump, Parkour, and Bufo Alvarius

Once upon a time, there was a man named Donald Trump who led a much more boring life than people thought. But everything changed one night when he decided to do something totally unexpected and radical: jump the border wall to find the mythical Bufo alvarius, the toad that promised psychedelic experiences and mystical revelations. Armed with his suit, red tie, a deep passion for NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and secret parkour skills, he set out to live the adventure of his life.

As he stood on the edge of the wall, Donald decided the best way to cross it was parkour style. Taking a deep breath and with an impressive leap, he launched himself into the void, landing with a solid thud on the other side. "This is more exciting than any rally or crypto trade!" he thought as he brushed the dust off his suit.

He ventured into the vast Sonoran Desert, known for being the natural habitat of the Bufo alvarius. He walked for hours through a desolate landscape, doing parkour from one ruined building to another, like he was in his own action movie. At one point, he found himself climbing up crumbling steps with surprising agility for someone his age. Finally, on a moonlit night, he found a Bufo alvarius toad. Determined to experience the mystical revelations, Donald took the toad's medicine. Suddenly, his mind was filled with visions and his body felt as light as a feather. 馃 But this was just the beginning of his peculiar odyssey.

After crossing the desert, he arrived at Machu Picchu, a place that seemed totally out of place in

his quest. However, the lushness of the site and the colorful flags motivated him to keep going. Here, he dedicated himself to doing parkour among the ruins with the skill of a professional climber.

"I never imagined that searching for toads would be so inspiring!" he exclaimed as he scaled a steep wall.

Finally, after days of searching, Donald arrived at an even more unexpected place: the moon. In an absurd turn of events, he found himself leaping across the lunar landscape with the Earth and the moon in the background. Here, he realized that finding the Bufo alvarius toads was more challenging than he had anticipated. "This is out of this world!" he thought as he bounced between craters.

But the adventure didn't end there. From the moon, his quest took him to Mars, where he walked through red terrain accompanied by astronauts. The surrealism of the moment made him laugh out loud. "Who would have thought that searching for a toad would take me so far?" he said to himself while exploring the red planet, doing parkour over Martian rocks.

Finally, in an epic final leap, he found himself back on Earth, landing at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Without losing his adventurous spirit, he climbed up to the crown, where, with arms outstretched and gazing over New York, he shouted, "I'm the master of parkour... and toads!" Although he never found the Bufo alvarius in the most unexpected places, his journey had given him something much more valuable: an incredible story and a new appreciation for the craziness and wonders of life. /

Thus, Donald returned to his daily routine, knowing he had lived an adventure like no other. With a smile on his face every time he remembered his acrobatic jumps and interplanetary encounters, he also felt a renewed excitement for his passion for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. He realized that the true magic was in the journey and the surprises it brought, whether through digital assets or cosmic adventures.

With a reflective gaze, Donald contemplated the horizon, imagining future adventures and the potential of NFTs in a limitless digital world.

By Borja Moskv | X | Farcaster | LENS

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