originally posted October 31, 2023

Forward - From Bushi to you

I am FXCKed, just like each and every one of you. I worry about money. I worry about my future health. I worry about the world in which my children are growing up. I worry that I am not good enough.

It's FXCKing hard to live in this world. Everything is getting more expensive, and we're making less money. We're saddled with crippling debt that we'll either never pay off or die trying - FXCK BANKS! War, death, and disease loom over us all and can enter our lives in the blink of an eye. There isn't enough time in the day to be a decent FXCKing human AND provide for your family anymore. We're constantly in a state of anxiety due to a never-ending onslaught of notifications and people expecting instant gratification. Often, our bank accounts are drained by pointless consumption that doesn't bring us any happiness, and those same expenses, more often than not, are the things that might eventually do us in. What's the purpose of our existence on this earth? Is it merely to work until we die? Is it just to have an appealing LinkedIn and a laughable FXCKing headshot in professional attire? Is it just to show up to work every day for a job we FXCKing despise and can't even support ourselves with? I say FXCK THAT!

When I discovered crypto in 2021, I felt at home. People said FXCK those ridiculous FXCKing professional headshots and were flaunting hilarious FXCKing cartoon animal profile pictures instead. It was FXCKing hysterical. Millionaires weren't behaving like conceited 'my shyt doesn't stink' types; they were in the trenches with us, sharing memes, vibes, and dispensing knowledge generously. Age, background – nothing FXCKing mattered. We were all on the same playing field. Simultaneously, a new art renaissance was emerging. Artists and aspiring artists were creating at unprecedented speeds. They were experimenting with fresh styles and techniques not yet respected in the traditional art world. Artists were getting FXCKing rich. Beeple sold his everydays for a staggering 69 million FXCKing dollars... People were spending inconceivable sums on FXCKing JPEGs. It was electric.

So I embraced this new art renaissance, the Crypto Renaissance. My first mint was 'FXCK BANKS' - a stupid FXCKing pink robot flashing its two middle fingers. I dreamt of this audacious pink robot appearing on CNN one day, headlined "FXCK BANKS NFT sells for millions". Not because I'm after the money, though it wouldn't hurt, but because I yearned for all those greedy FXCKing bankers to see a pink robot flipping them off. I wanted to deliver them a resounding 'FXCK YOU'.

Though this narrative hasn't fully unfolded yet, I carved out my own niche in crypto and achieved success with my art. I had the privilege to craft art for the Ethereum Foundation, Bankless, Aragon DAO, among other incredible communities. I co-founded DAOpunks—a DAO that awards grants to outstanding individuals using funds from my art sales. I pushed boundaries, introducing concepts previously unseen in the world. Although I'm immensely grateful others appreciate my art, I often feel out of place, hesitating to label myself an artist when inquired about my profession. "Oh you make NFTs??? Arent those a scam?".

The 2022-2023 bear market was merciless. Overnight, liquidity in the market vanished. Artists who once thrived found no buyers. Crypto millionaires were no longer millionaires. Some lost everything. The WAGMI spirit evaporated. Evidently, not all of us were going to make it.

Despondency seeped into my daily existence as I navigated this FXCKing emotional maelstrom. Self-doubt crept in again. I questioned my capacity to provide for my loved ones and myself. My criticism of 'The System' began to waver. Perhaps I was mistaken. Maybe I should conform, become a LinkedIn bro, or even settle for a shit job I FXCKing detest, just to lead a 'normal' life. Despite my disdain for the societal norms and the idea of selling out, I have responsibilities. Bills need payment. My family relies on me. Participating in society is non-negotiable. This was my mindset for much of 2023.

During this period, I channeled both external and internal pessimism into my art. FXCK was reborn, even more FXCKed than before. Rather than accept defeat, I decided to double the FXCK down, pursuing my passion with even greater zeal. I am a FXCKing artist. I'm worthy. The world MUST hear my message. Even though societal rules bind us all, I realized I could play by my own FXCKing rules. While some may not deem this as art, to them I say FXCK off; they have no grasp on true art.

FXCK emerged from raw emotion and astute observation. It challenges established norms and conveys a universal message "FXCK you".

If you're ready to join me on this FXCKing journey, below is the very essence of FXCK. Remember, you are already FXCKed.

-Bushi <3

FXCK The System

Wake up! We're trapped in a society that promotes mindless consumption and the relentless chase for more. Every time they sell you the "dream," demand the truth. Every time they say "CONFORM," scream back "FXCK YOU!"

FXCK the Status Quo

Don't be confined by the boundary's society has drawn for us. Challenge traditions, question norms, and redefine what's considered 'normal'. Don't just fit in; stand out and shape a new narrative for the future. It's only by breaking the mold that we forge a new path.

FXCK Mediocrity

We're here to change the world. Settle for nothing less than extraordinary. If an idea doesn’t challenge norms or usher in change, it's just another cog in the machine.

FXCK Passive Consumption

Seek out the facts, question the source, and be the beacon of informed decisions. Don't be swayed by sweet lies; demand the bitter truth.

FXCK Blind Loyalty

Remember the betrayals, the cover-ups, and the moments we were let down. Never back a cause or a leader without discerning their true motives.

FXCK The Hype

Be wary of trends that distract more than they benefit. Analyze, reflect, and determine your stance. Are you just a pawn, or are you setting the game?

FXCK Digital Dystopia

Never forget the real world. While the internet might be our playground, our real lives matter. Family, friends, passions—balance is not just a word, it's a way of life.

FXCK Judgement

Speak, share experiences, and listen to diverse stories. Unity is born from understanding and empathy.

FXCK Complacency

We stand on the precipice of change. Don't just witness; be a part of it. Whenever you see injustice, don't just watch—act, challenge, and change.

FXCK The Old Ways

We're here to reimagine and rebuild a brighter future. Let's make it inclusive, let's make it revolutionary, and above all, let's make it for everyone.

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