"glitch" art

I find myself wanting more from glitch art.

I want the piece to completely take over its digital vessel and become the canvas. I want the "glitch" to consume everything around it.

SNOW CRASH is probably the closest I've come to this.

Although it may not seem to possess the aesthetic of 'glitch art' at first glance, it's there; behind layers of recursive, memory-hogging, browser-crashing code.

Hidden inside the payload lives an RGB strobing artwork. This artwork is by no means groundbreaking and probably something you've passed by in your digital journey before. But what makes this artwork special is its innate ability to trigger physical reactions, glitches, in the human brain, i.e., seizures.

In this way, SNOW CRASH lives up to its original vision as a malware virus capable of infecting software and systems, and as a mind virus or neurolinguistic hack that affects the human brain.

Don't worry though, you'll likely never be able to render the hidden artwork anyways...


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