Cabin Launches the First Network City

Over the last two years, the Cabin community has come together across dozens of IRL activations and hundreds of online events to begin developing a global network of nature-immersed properties designed for thoughtful creators and remote workers.

We have built neighborhoods, rehabilitated orchards, designed tiny cabins, assembled saunas, housed creators, interviewed city builders, hosted dinner parties, played games, facilitated meaningful coliving, and gathered thoughtfully to make new friends and reimagine how we live.

Today, on the eve of our second birthday, Cabin is launching the world’s first network city. A network city is a set of globally distributed neighborhoods that have a shared culture, economy, and system of governance.

Creating a network city of beautiful neighborhoods

Cabin neighborhoods are designed to cater to remote workers and creators who love nature. Our network city is made up of 20 coliving neighborhoods and outposts around the world, including the following locations:

Each neighborhood shares three characteristics:

  1. Access to beautiful nature: Breathtaking scenery available outside the front door.

  2. Fast internet: Reliable, high-speed WiFi to make it easy to connect and do work.

  3. Strong community: Good vibes for thoughtful people to live together smoothly.

The flavor of each individual neighborhood changes from place-to-place; that’s what makes them fun to explore! But no matter where they are, all Cabin neighborhoods provide a great balance of work, community, and nature.

To browse these neighborhoods, meet other members, and otherwise navigate Cabin’s network city, check out the Network City Center, which includes:

View our integrated suite of applications at
  • Cabin Citizenship: a subscription membership for remote workers to live in our network city.

  • City Directory: an online registry of our city’s beautiful coliving neighborhoods in nature.

  • Cabin Census: a community directory where members can build identity and reputation.

  • Town Hall: a discord server where our community gathers to make plans and memes.

These products work in concert to help citizens colive, create, and conserve together across the world.

Cabin Citizenship

Traditionally, citizenship implies rights, access, and responsibilities in civic, political, and social life. Being a Cabin Citizen is characterized by a similar set of benefits and responsibilities.

Cabin Citizenship is a subscription membership to Cabin’s network city. To become a Cabin Citizen, you must get vouched for by an existing Citizen. Once you receive a vouch, you can mint a Citizenship by paying 0.2 ETH annually (As of this writing, 0.2 ETH is about $360). We accept credit card or crypto payment.

Citizenship is free if you attend a Build Week at a Cabin neighborhood or hold 1,000 ₡ABIN.

What’s included in Citizenship

Citizens are issued digital and physical passports that give them access to our community’s global network of properties, experiences, and members:


  • Explore Cabin’s neighborhoods: exclusive access to coliving and residencies at Cabin neighborhoods around the world.

  • Create listings in the City Directory: list your own offerings in the City Directory and connect with other Citizens at your property.

  • Join Citizen-only events: exclusive access to Cabin-organized events, including…

    • an invitation to Cabin Camp, our annual Citizen gathering at a 500-person summer camp, complete with a water park, a lake, an archery range, and programming designed to further connect our Citizens and help grow our network city. The first Cabin Camp will take place in October 2024.

    • a cosmic celebration of the April 2024 solar eclipse, on the path of totality at Cabin’s Neighborhood Zero.


  • Receive 25 ₡ABIN: each of the first 5,040 Founding Citizens will receive ₡ABIN to participate in transparent on-chain governance of our network city.

  • Receive a numbered Founding Citizen NFT: to commemorate and digitally verify your Citizenship across the Network City Center.

  • Vouch for other Citizens: each Citizen can vouch for up to five new Cabin Citizens per year.


  • Special merch: access to Citizen-only Cabin merch drops - beginning with the “Welcome Home” drop available here.

  • Access to a Citizens-only channel: join the #founding-citizens channel in our Town Hall for early access to features and the ability to impact the roadmap.

  • Thousands of dollars in partnership benefits: discounts with vibe-aligned brands like SafetyWing, Hipcamp, and more.

Founding Citizens

In order to plant the seeds of a strong culture, we have distributed the first Cabin Citizenships for free to original community members as a token of appreciation:

  • Participants in the original donation crowdfund (101)

  • Holders of at least 1,000 ₡ABIN (53)

  • Passport holders (144)

  • Inaugural City Directory listings (20)

This group will become the founding polis for deciding all future citizens. While we want Cabin to grow, we don’t want to grow it too fast. Vibes don’t blitzscale. By starting with this strong community of initial citizens and giving the power of community growth to you, we can increase the number of citizens without compromising the integrity and intimacy of our IRL experiences.

Cabin’s City Directory

Cabin’s City Directory is where Citizens explore neighborhoods and outposts in Cabin’s network. Citizens receive exclusive access to coliving and residencies in the City Directory and collectively curate the list of neighborhoods that make up the network city.

Cabin Citizens can add new outposts to the City Directory. Community members use ₡ABIN to upvote and govern which outposts become neighborhoods. When outposts with at least 4 bedrooms and 20 mbps internet receive 1,000 ₡ in votes, they officially become a neighborhood in our network city.

The best listings in the City Directory will rise to the top of this simple token-curated registry. This bottoms-up cultural curation ensures longterm community alignment with Cabin’s vision of a network of nature-immersed neighborhoods.


The first step to becoming a Cabin Citizen is to create a profile on Cabin’s Census.

Anyone can create a profile in the Census and begin building their reputation and identity within the community. When you participate in our online and offline gatherings, you can earn roles, passport stamps, and tokens that give you privileges, reputation, and governance rights.

This credentialing system contextualizes your experience within the Cabin ecosystem and is viewable by other community members as an on-chain reputation and identity-management system.

Together, the Census, Citizenship, and the City Directory serve as the community sensemaking and coordination layer for our network city, allowing Citizens and neighborhoods to find like-minded community members, build reputation, and assemble resources.

Reimagining How We Live

We believe that a network city is the best way to enable Citizens to live surrounded by other kind, thoughtful, creative, open-minded, playful, generous people. We are a mix of creators, builders, naturalists, gatherers, caretakers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and doers.

If we are responsible Citizens who add new Citizens and govern our treasury thoughtfully, we will be able to offer more affordable, higher quality, and flexible housing options than are available in traditional cities. Designing community living with immediate access to nature offers unparalleled quality for the price. By offering a continuous a la carte menu of coliving and work-stay exchanges across a network of neighborhoods, we can re-write the rules for how we coordinate, connect, and live with each other.

You can join us on this journey by visiting today. For more on Cabin’s broader vision and strategy, check out our recently published Vision Paper.

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