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The Intersection of Roblox, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha

Unleashing the Digital Powerhouse: The Intersection of Roblox, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha

All this talk about regulation, then, thankfully, U.S. Congressman Lawrence Davidson proposed a bill to restructure the SEC and fire Gary Gensler.

Definitely a step in the right direction, and kudos to Davidson for initiating this movement.

The echoing quote was, "not adopting crypto will stifle American innovation.” Which is 100% true.

In fact, I’ve been feeling pretty guilty myself that I haven’t done more for crypto regulation. I minted the Coinbase shield, I added the shield to my Twitter bio, I signed up as an advocate and, of course, I will be voting whenever it’s time.

I started thinking about where it would stifle innovation, and I immediately thought of all the kids, such as my son and daughter, who are already using digital money and cooperating like a DAO.

In Roblox, these kids are practically web3 natives.

Then I started thinking of all the big brands that have moved in web3, and they are all here to market to Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Members of Gen Z are considered to be born between 1995-2012, Gen Alpha was born between 2013-2025. There is no universal answer, and different sources will have different answers, but generally, these are the birth years of the generations.

Step Aside, Traditional Digital Landscapes.

The crypto-native Gen Z and Gen Alpha are ushered in a new era as they embrace platforms like Roblox that integrate tokenomics and digital collaboration.

This goes beyond being merely digitally savvy; this generation has a native understanding of cryptocurrencies and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The implications for innovation, particularly in America, are profound.

Understanding Roblox: More Than Just a Game

Roblox, a user-generated online gaming platform, has become a titan in the digital world.

With a staggering user base of over 214.2 million monthly active users as of March 2023 and a valuation of $38 billion, Roblox is a force to be reckoned with.

Of the 66.1 million daily active users, a significant % of its users - 80% - are under the age of 16, representing a powerful population of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Statista 2023

Gen Z and Gen Alpha: The Powerhouse of the Future

Roblox’s success is, in no small part, driven by the engagement of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Consider these impressive stats: In 2023, 36.0 million Gen Alpha consumers were projected to be internet users, and by 2026, the number of US Gen Alpha smartphone users will grow to 10.2 million.

These figures reflect high levels of digital adoption and a significant shift towards mobile-first digital consumption. 

Such figures put Roblox ahead of many prominent brands, including Netflix, which had 208 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2023. This statistic alone speaks volumes about the powerful influence of Roblox on these digitally native generations.

The Currency of Roblox: An Insight into Crypto

Roblox operates on an in-game currency system known as Robux.

This system employs the same tokenomics principle seen in cryptocurrencies, thus providing an interactive platform for the younger generations to grasp the concept of digital currency.

The potential here extends beyond gaming – it’s paving the way for adopting real-world applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

A Collaborative Digital Future

In the world of Roblox, collaboration is the name of the game.

Take, for instance, the way young players often work together to build houses, pooling their resources and coordinating efforts.

This practice mirrors the workings of a DAO, an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members, and not influenced by a central government.

Herein lies a key insight into the future of work and commerce - decentralization. In a DAO-like structure, decision-making power is spread out among members, fostering collaboration and shared ownership. It’s a concept this upcoming generation intuitively understands, and it's shaping up to be a game-changer.

Check out the Roblox house my 10-year-old daughter made with her friend after school. 👇

My 10-year-old Daughter made this house with her friend in one sitting!

American Innovation at a Crossroads

America's stance on cryptocurrencies and digital innovation could have significant implications for its future.

Embracing crypto-friendly regulations would pave the way for progress, encouraging blockchain technologies and digital currencies to blossom.

The alternative - resisting this trend - could stifle innovation, particularly considering the digital and crypto-native inclination of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.


The blend of Gen Z and Gen Alpha's crypto-native tendencies with platforms like Roblox gives rise to a transformative digital landscape.

It's pushing the boundaries of innovation, fostering collaboration, and forging a new understanding of commerce and digital interaction. This trend demands attention from policymakers, educators, and businesses alike.

Understanding and embracing this shift will be crucial as America charts its digital future.

Boss Beauties x Barbie Global Report 2023

Unpacking the Global Report 2023 and Its Implications for Web3 Professionals

The recently released "Global Report 2023" provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of Web3, focusing on its impact on young women and the role of parents in this digital revolution. As professionals in the Web3 space, it's crucial to understand the key findings of this report and what they mean for the future of our industry.

Understanding Web3: A Paradigm Shift

Web3, as defined in the report, represents the next evolution of the internet. It moves away from the centralized data collecting agencies of Web2, towards a decentralized model of co-ownership and co-creation.

In this new paradigm, users are not just consumers but also creators, and they are compensated for their time and creativity. Web3 encompasses digital finance (cryptocurrencies, NFTs, play-to-earn gaming), unique online personalities (avatar development, digital fashion), the metaverse (digital real estate, virtual communities, interoperable blockchains, AR/VR), and artificial intelligence.

Global Report 2023

Engaging Young Women in Web3

One of the report's key findings is the need to engage more young women in Web3. While there is significant enthusiasm among young people about the possibilities of Web3, the report found that knowledge gaps were higher for young women. As professionals in this space, it's our responsibility to ensure that Web3 is inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of gender. This could involve creating educational resources tailored to young women, building supportive online communities, and promoting diversity in the industry.

The Role of Parents in Web3

The report also highlights the crucial role of parents in understanding and guiding their children in using Web3. Many parents feel uninformed about the risks and opportunities of Web3, and there is a need for more resources to help parents navigate this new digital landscape. As Web3 professionals, we can contribute by creating educational materials for parents and promoting the safe and responsible use of Web3 technologies.

Web3 Education: A Key Priority

The report emphasizes the need for more educational resources about Web3. This is an area where AI tools can play a significant role. AI-powered platforms can provide personalized learning experiences, making complex Web3 concepts more accessible to a wider audience. As professionals in the Web3 space, we should leverage AI technologies to democratize Web3 education.

Global Report 2023

Privacy and Security in Web3

As highlighted in the report, privacy and security are major concerns in the Web3 space. Professionals in the Web3 space need to prioritize building tools and platforms that enhance privacy and security. This could include decentralized identity verification systems, privacy-enhancing technologies, and secure wallets for managing digital assets.

The Future of Work in Web3

The report explores how Web3 is changing the nature of work and creating new opportunities. As Web3 professionals, we need to be at the forefront of these changes, helping to shape the future of work equitably and inclusively.

In conclusion, the "Global Report 2023" provides valuable insights into the current state of Web3 and its future direction. As professionals in the Web3 space, we must take these findings to heart and work towards creating a more inclusive, secure, and empowering Web3 ecosystem. Whether it's through creating educational resources, developing privacy-enhancing tools, or promoting diversity in the industry, we all have a role to play in shaping the future of Web3.

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