right to write

or, "another one"

what's up bitches

welcome to yet another avenue for my creative expression.

this shit is gonna be unhinged and unfiltered, because i'm primarily using this blog/newsletter as an excuse to just, like... write, y'know? none of that "did you research it first?" or "are you sure you feel that way?" or second-guessing myself about anything. i just need somewhere to go full-send and talk about myself and my opinions.

i also just wanted an excuse to use Paragraph, ngl.

now, if you like my style but which it came with hinges, try my Mirror—it's smooth like that.

and if you like my style but wish someone would cut me off, then check out my character-limited tweets and casts—they're not smooth, but at least they're short.

and i'm working in public over at the gm house, so drop in if you just wanna chill and see what i'm up to. it's effin' cozy over there (and a great place to make new friends).

anyway, keeping this one short because i'm supposed to be doing other stuff today.