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What is Purple

an evolving definition

Purple is an onchain organization that funds ideas. These ideas all have two things in common - They each align with a vision of proliferating the Farcaster protocol and the ethos of being Purple.

Being Purple means:

1. Do good with no expectations of return.

2. Teach people about Farcaster, Decentralized Social and Public Goods.

3. Create and proliferate software using the Farcaster protocol.

4. Create and proliferate art and culture on the Farcaster protocol.

5. Create positive externalities, embrace Public Goods and have fun.

We are a Nounish DAO, where membership is obtained by acquiring a Purple Token. These tokens are auctioned every 24 hours, with the proceeds directed to our on-chain treasury. Purple Token holders can propose projects needing treasury funding and participate in voting through a one-token, one-vote governance system.

Visit our homepage and FAQs:

Explore the list of proposals:

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