Nouns Prop 450: A Nounish Coffee Shop — A Los Angeles IRL-to-URL Nounish Experience

The journey of a prop

Derek first told me about his idea for a Nouns Coffee Shop at FWB Fest (August 4, 2023) while serving me, what would become, Happy Friday Coffee. The opportunity to buy the shop came up and he had a clear Nounish vision for one. We talked about an innovative way to run a cafe that reduced cost & importantly food waste. He had ⌐◨-◨ earrings on and another pair hanging from the neckline of his shirt. Drew walked in and they started talking about Dustin Yellin, Base and Onchain Summer. This was my first time meeting Derek IRL but we had collaborated via the network for almost a year. Purple was the first DAO to launch on builder protocol but The Park was the second. As soon as Purple launched he hit me up to talk about the Park and lessons learned from our launch. I bought the first The Park token and have been a member and supporter ever since.

There were a lot of discussions about Nouns coffeeshop since that day at Fest. I joined a call with a food & beverage expert, another to discuss the P&L, the design, staffing, etc. Derek and Drew are professionals and every part of the coffeeshop has been meticulously considered and mapped out. As owner/operators of successful coffee shops they are fully aware that this is something they will be dedicating a significant portion of their life to.

The prop is simple and a perfect meme but could only be that simple after 6 months of planning. It didn’t make sense for me to join the team, as I couldn’t be on the ground and in the trenches with them in L.A. but I’m grateful that they took me on the journey with them and allowed me the honor of sponsoring the prop.

Enjoy Nouns, Enjoy Coffee. ⌐◨-◨

Derek repping Nouns hard at Fest.

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