Synchronous Meetings

This is reply to a specific cast where I needed more space to reply

As a decentralized organization, someone who is passionate about this kind of meeting should schedule it, set its goals, create an agenda, run and distribute any notes or artifacts to the rest of the organization afterwards.

I'm not that person. I'm by no means against it but I'm just not passionate about DAO's needing these kinds of meetings.

First I don't think synchronous meetings like this are productive and tend not to be representative of the Membership (we have 167 members across all timezones but how many will realistically show up?).

But mostly because I think Nounish DAOs like Purple are decentralized creative grants collectives and the main thing we should be doing both as individuals and as a group is supporting our grantees and soliciting great grant proposals. We have no operational capacity and rely on the grant recipients to be responsible for the follow through. This is true even when it looks like some kind of "official Purple" initiative. For example, you can think of the Retroactive funding rounds as a Purple initiative but actually Joe put up the Proposal and is responsible for administering it.

However, I think it would be highly effective for small teams coming together, meeting and coming up with proposals for initiatives they believe will have impact that they would be exciting about implementing. This is how we can best harness decentralization; as a network of networks to tackle the many opportunities provided by the Farcaster Ecosystem. This is what makes DAO's different then other kinds of Organizations; instead of groupthink we can form small squads and go after the challenges we are each passionate about. It's how we leverage our individual superpowers and areas of interest to provide outsized value while avoiding falling into consensus thinking.

I want to close by encouraging people to come up with initiatives that excite them. Find a team of people who want to work on it with you. Flesh out the budget which could include compensation for the team working on it. Put up a Proposal and then crush the execution.

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