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Be early. Earn rewards.

Reward fans for what they are good at—being fans.

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We all are fans of something or someone: a brand, an artist, a restaurant, a club, a hotel ... As fans, we are their lifelines. We buy their creations, we show up to their gigs, we cherish their work. Its us, who support them in the early days before they shine in the light.

Ironically, when they make it big, we dont grow with them. Its not the fans who win, but the ad industry and social media players that charge immense fees to inject ads into the relationships we have built with our favorite brands, places, and artists.

That’s why we are building the new CENT—the platform that gives back to those who are early and who stay.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you make a purchase from your favorite brand or artist, you can add the purchase to your digital collection.

  • If someone discovers them through your collection, you get rewarded.

  • The earlier a supporter you are, the more rewards you get.

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