Trade the web to support your favorite websites

UP lets you create and trade sitecoins of any site on the web 

Sweet side effects: A leaderboard generates traffic for your favourite URL and trading fees are kept for the site owners.

This is how it works

You need ETH on Base to trade sitecoins.

Buy and sell coins for any site on a bonding curve. Every purchase mints a new coin and increases the price. Selling coins burns them and decreases the price. The price of the nth coin is 100 * n² wei.

There is a 1% fee on every buy and sell.

For buys, the fee is reserved in the smart contract for sites owners. Site ownership verification is not yet implemented. Once it is, site owners will be able to claim the fees by verifying site ownership.

For sells, the fee is used to buy and lock the $YOYO token.

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