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ChainGPT Pad 2023: A Year of Unprecedented Success in Web3

2023 marked a stellar year for ChainGPT Pad, distinguishing itself in the Web3 universe by its achievements and unique approach to startup incubation. Known for its selective and discerning process, ChainGPT Pad has been incredibly meticulous in choosing the startups it mentors, focusing only on the most talented and promising ones. This exceptional selectivity has been a cornerstone of its strategy, contributing to its remarkable success.

So profound was its impact that ChainGPT Pad achieved number one in Return on Investment (ROI) among hundreds of launchpads, not just once, but in two different months of the year. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the success of its IDOs, with each startup under its wing, such as DexCheck and Solidus AI Tech, achieving remarkable results. The standout performance of these IDOs, like 'Friend3' soaring to an all-time high of 27x, exemplifies ChainGPT Pad's ability to incubate high-potential ventures and guide them to significant achievements in the dynamic blockchain market.

A Recognition of Excellence: CryptoRank's #1 Launchpad

ChainGPT Pad's effectiveness in nurturing and launching high-potential blockchain endeavors received significant recognition from major Web3 authorities, including CryptoRank, a leader in crypto market analytics. ChainGPT Pad achieved the top ranking in ROI twice, in September and November, standing out in a competitive field of nearly 100 monitored launchpads.


Additionally, in October 2023, ChainGPT Pad was ranked as one of the most popular launchpads on CryptoRank, trailing just behind the renowned Binance Launchpad. This series of accolades underscores not only ChainGPT Pad's meticulous mentorship and selective incubation process but also its vital role in shaping the crypto ecosystem and attracting widespread attention and investment.

The Unique Refund Policy: A Paradigm Shift

ChainGPT Pad's introduction of a unique refund policy in 2023 set new standards for user trust and integrity in the Web3 world. This policy, implemented right after the completion of an IDO, introduces a refund grace period. Participants on the ChainGPT Launchpad face a simple choice: "Claim" or "Refund." Opting for a refund is hassle-free and immediate, with no forms to fill out. Just a click of a button returns the funds directly to the user's wallet. This grace period typically lasts seven days, during which participants can decide to withdraw their investment without any complications.

The policy applies universally across all tiers, from bronze to diamond, allowing a full refund within the grace period as long as the tokens haven't been claimed. This approach has enhanced the user experience and served as a benchmark for the quality of startups presented on the platform.

ChainGPT Pad's commitment to this transparent and straightforward refund policy has been a critical factor in its success throughout 2023. It has played a significant role in building the platform's reputation as a reliable and straightforward launchpad in the vibrant Web3 space, highlighting its dedication to transparency and user satisfaction.

Tier System: Democratizing Access

The introduction of a tier system based on staking ChainGPT tokens, $CGPT, in 2023 marked a significant advancement for ChainGPT Pad, offering a more inclusive and fair approach to participating in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). This system, encompassing Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond tiers, was designed to democratize access to IDOs and ensure balanced participation.

This system's essence resides in its innovative point accumulation mechanism, which is determined by both the amount and duration of $CGPT staking. Each tier, offering unique benefits such as allocation multipliers and access to exclusive investment rounds like crowdfunding and private sales, has made ChainGPT Pad a platform that caters to a wide range of investors, from small-scale participants to large investors.

Here's a breakdown of how this system works:

  1. Staking $CGPT for Tier Points: The core of the tier system revolves around staking $CGPT tokens. For every $CGPT token staked, users receive one tier point. However, the number of points can be amplified based on the duration of the staking.

  2. Duration-based Point Multipliers: ChainGPT Pad has divided its staking mechanism into four time-based pools, each offering a different points multiplier:

  • 45 days: 1x points multiplier.

  • 90 days: 1.3x points multiplier.

  • 180 days: 1.5x points multiplier.

  • 365 days: 2x points multiplier.

For instance, staking 1000 $CGPT in a 180-day pool yields 1500 tier points, whereas staking the same amount in a 365-day pool doubles the points to 2000.

  1. Four Tier Levels: The system comprises four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each tier requires a minimum number of points and offers distinct benefits:

  • Bronze: Entry-level tier for those with limited capital. Requires more than 2000 points.

  • Silver: Second level with guaranteed access to the first round of IDOs. Requires 20,000+ points.

  • Gold: Provides access to early-stage crowdfunding and private sales. Requires 50,000+ points.

  • Diamond: The highest tier offering complementary tokens and NFT airdrops. Requires 200,000+ points.

  1. Allocation Multipliers: Higher tiers provide access to more exclusive rounds of IDOs and come with higher allocation multipliers. For instance, the Silver tier starts with a 4x multiplier, while the Diamond tier starts at a 40x multiplier, increasing with the number of points.

  2. Flexible and Inclusive System: This tier system ensures that all investors, regardless of their investment size, can participate in IDOs. It democratizes access and fosters a sense of community engagement by allowing users to choose their level of commitment based on their staking duration and amount.

In summary, ChainGPT Pad's tier system based on $CGPT staking is a fundamental aspect of its platform, offering users a tailored and inclusive experience. It incentivizes longer-term commitments and rewards users accordingly, aligning with the platform's belief in fostering a supportive and engaged investor community.

‍Community Rewards with ChainGPT Pad's DAO Proposal


ChainGPT Pad took a big step in 2023 to involve its community more in decision-making. Thanks to DAO Proposal #8, ChainGPT Pad's members got to vote on sharing tokens from successful projects with top-tier investors. This move was all about giving back to the community and letting them have a say in how things are run. By doing so, ChainGPT Pad is ensuring its most dedicated members feel valued and involved, and this gesture of appreciation has significantly enhanced the community experience on ChainGPT Pad, further solidifying its position as an inclusive and approachable platform in the Web3 domain.

ChainGPT Pad's White Glove Service: A Catalyst for Web3 Success

ChainGPT Pad's White Glove Service is a specialized support system for blockchain and crypto enterprises. This premium service offers personalized support, strategic advisory, and technical expertise, ensuring initiatives have the tools and insights necessary for success.

Key Aspects of White Glove Service:

  1. Dedicated Support: Tailored guidance from ChainGPT experts throughout the business lifecycle.

  2. Strategic Consulting: Expert advice to refine business strategies and market positioning.

  3. Marketing and PR Enhancement: Comprehensive support for visibility and community engagement.

  4. Investor Network Access: Connections with investors and venture capitalists for fundraising and strategic partnerships.

  5. Technical Assistance: Help with navigating blockchain complexities, including security and integration.

Eligibility and Access:

  • The White Glove Service is available to selected enterprises meeting specific criteria, providing an added advantage for those with potential and innovation.

  • All incubated by ChainGPT Pad automatically receive this service, benefiting from end-to-end support covering product development, fundraising, and networking.

  • Non-incubated enterprises also have the opportunity to access this service, subject to meeting ChainGPT Pad’s criteria.

ChainGPT Pad’s White Glove Service is a comprehensive partnership offering, designed to accelerate small businesses' success and impact in the Web3 domain.

‍Revolutionizing IDOs

ChainGPT Pad's approach to Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) in 2023 has made a significant mark in the Web3 space. By skillfully guiding startups like DexCheck and Solidus AI Tech through their growth and launch stages, ChainGPT Pad has shown its ability to provide tailored support at various stages of a startup's journey. After completing their IDOs with ChainGPT Pad’s guidance, these companies have seen substantial market success. GT Protocol, another startup in ChainGPT Pad's incubation program, is now preparing for its upcoming IDO, showcasing ChainGPT Pad's dynamic and versatile mentorship.

For GT Protocol, building a robust community has been vital in readying for its IDO. The results are evident in GT Protocol's remarkable growth, now boasting over 50,000 registered users, over 28,000 Telegram members, and 120,000 Twitter followers. ChainGPT’s extensive support for GT Protocol and other mentored startups goes beyond community building. It includes expert advice on token economics, launch strategies, and overall business planning. This support helps GT Protocol and others make wise decisions as they approach their crucial launch phases. Additionally, ChainGPT provides marketing assistance and connects its mentored startups with strategic investors and venture capitalists, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared for their growth journey and market entrance.

In summary, ChainGPT Pad's incubation program, combining mentorship, community involvement, and strategic guidance, sets new industry benchmarks. This method effectively prepares and propels new companies like GT Protocol towards remarkable success in the Web3 world.

The Team Behind ChainGPT Pad Leading it to the Vanguard

ChainGPT Pad's leadership team is a blend of expertise and innovation, with three dynamic individuals at its helm. Each leader brings a unique set of skills and experiences that have been of utmost importance in shaping the success of the ChainGPT Pad in the Web3 universe.

Gintare Kairyte: A highly skilled professional with over seven years of experience in the Web3 and blockchain technology space. Her career began with a prestigious internship at a London-based blockchain research company. Since then, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience and a robust network within the Web3 landscape. Her focus has primarily been on project management and development, particularly alongside various startups.

Amid Yazdi: He holds a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering and brings years of experience from the banking, telecommunications, and consulting industries. Recognized for business analysis and agile delivery expertise, Amid has established himself as a respected mentor and coach. With experience in numerous enterprises and launchpads in the Web3 domain, a robust network within this space, adept negotiation abilities, and a talent for pinpointing top-performing projects, he is a significant asset to ChainGPT.

Marc Constanti: A seasoned professional based in Barcelona, Marc brings two years of experience from Enjinstarter’s Web3 launchpad management team. A decade-long track record of leading technical developments for renowned companies like Sony Music and Barcelona City Hall backs his profound insights into the industry. His extensive expertise continues to drive success and innovation in the rapidly evolving world of AI and blockchain.

This team of distinguished leaders embodies the innovative spirit and technical prowess that ChainGPT Pad represents, driving it forward in the competitive world of Web3 and blockchain​​.

Looking Ahead: ChainGPT Pad's Vision for 2024 and Beyond

As 2023 wraps up, ChainGPT Pad reflects on a year marked by innovation and significant strides. Renowned for its clear, reliable, and welcoming approach, the platform has established itself as a frontrunner in the Web3 domain. Key achievements this year included the launch of a groundbreaking refund policy, the implementation of a beneficial tier system, and the enactment of community-led decisions, such as DAO Proposal #8. These steps clearly indicate ChainGPT Pad's ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience and engagement.

Moving into 2024, ChainGPT Pad is set to continue its impressive progress. With a focus on guiding startups in vital Web3 sectors like decentralized finance, GameFi, and blockchain-integrated artificial intelligence, ChainGPT Pad is at the forefront of Web3 innovation. The platform's comprehensive IDO services, known for their meticulous, hands-on support in strategy, marketing, and fundraising, are instrumental in launching influential ventures. This 'white glove service' ensures personalized, expert advice for each one from start to finish.

ChainGPT Pad sets high expectations for the coming year. The platform is determined to maintain its leading position in the evolving Web3 landscape, driving the future with each innovative business and initiative. Eager to gather more accolades and consistently top performance charts, ChainGPT Pad is building on its solid achievements from 2023, aiming for a year filled with groundbreaking innovations and successes. As it adapts and establishes new benchmarks, ChainGPT Pad is well-prepared for future pioneering triumphs in the Web3 space.

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