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ChainGPT Pad Announces Forward Protocol IDO: A Groundbreaking Leap in No-Code dApp and Blockchain Development

ChainGPT Pad is excited to present to its community another exceptional startup, launching a unique IDO. Celebrated for its unparalleled IDO services and having won the title of the most popular launchpad in 2023, this achievement highlights ChainGPT Pad's commitment to excellence and its distinct process in selecting truly promising and innovative startups. Continuing this trajectory of excellence, ChainGPT Pad is thrilled to unveil its latest IDO – Forward Protocol. This groundbreaking venture introduces an AI-driven, no-code solution tailored for the development of dApps and blockchains.‍

Forward Protocol - A No-Code Marvel

Forward Protocol emerges as a revolutionary tool, inspired by the simplicity of WordPress, offering a no-code, cost-effective pathway to create blockchains, subnets, and dApps. Its intuitive design allows for easy deployment on over 800 EVM & Rust compatible chains, making it accessible to anyone regardless of their technical expertise. The platform features drag-and-drop technology, customizable templates, and a vast library, enabling users to create anything from basic dApps to sophisticated enterprise-level blockchains. This programming language agnostic environment supports all chains, opening a world of possibilities.‍

Empowering the Community Beyond Deployment

While Forward Protocol simplifies the deployment of dApps, it’s essential to recognize its impact on the broader community. This platform doesn’t replace developers and designers but rather enhances their roles. They are the architects of the templates that users utilize, and they can monetize their work through various pricing models. This approach sustains their creativity and enriches the ecosystem, offering a win-win situation for all involved.

Forward Protocol stands out with its versatile compatibility, supporting a variety of programming languages like Solidity, RUST, GO, Python, Haskell, and Move. It's adept across Layer 1, Layer 2, and Rollups, catering to diverse blockchain needs. Emphasizing an open ecosystem, it invites developers globally to contribute and monetize their creations in the Smart Contract, Blockchain, Subnets, and dApp Template Library. This model, echoing the WordPress plugin directory, allows developers to earn through transactions or fixed fees, fostering an innovative and profitable environment.

Decentralization and Independence

A key feature of Forward Protocol is its full decentralization, ensuring it remains free from any third-party influence. This aspect fortifies the platform's integrity and aligns with the ethos of blockchain technology.‍

Product Ecosystem - A Comprehensive Overview

Forward Protocol's ecosystem is extensive, featuring:

  • Forward Factory: Deploy dApps, blockchains, subnets, and validators.

  • Validator’s Marketplace: Hire Validators with ease.

  • Tokens & Staking: Utilize $FORWARD tokens for various functions, including DAO governance.

  • Forward Chain: Access the Forward Explorer, Forward Bridge, and engage with multiple consensus mechanisms.‍

A Sustainable Business Model

Forward Protocol adopts a sustainable business model, charging a 20% commission on developer and designer fees for template usage, akin to models used by App Store or Play Store. Additionally, it includes a 2% markup on gas fees and various transactional costs, all paid in $FORWARD, creating a self-sustaining economic cycle.‍

$FORWARD Token Utilities – Powering the Protocol

The $FORWARD token is central to the ecosystem, facilitating payment for protocol fees, validator fees, and annual costs for blockchain or subnet deployment. It also serves as gas for transactions on the Forward Chain. The token allows the Developers’ DAO participation and ensures compliance through a staking mechanism.

Fee Payments: Use $FORWARD to cover various fees:

  • Protocol and developer fees for dApp deployers.

  • Validator fees for blockchain or subnet deployers.

  • Annual fees for blockchain or subnet maintenance in Forward Factory, akin to Runcloud.

  • Gas tokens for transactions on Forward Chain and subnets, similar to's self-hosting model.

Staking Opportunities:

  • Developers' DAO: Engage in non-reward staking to join the Developers' DAO. Participate in decision-making, such as approving or declining developer submissions, and earn a share from the developer's income.

  • Template Deployment Commitment: Developers can stake without rewards as a commitment to adhere to quality standards while deploying templates on Forward Factory. Stakes serve as a security deposit, ensuring compliance.

Validator Delegation: Empower your operations by delegating to a validator, strengthening network security and efficiency.

Broad Protocol-Level Utilities: Leverage $FORWARD for a range of other essential protocol functions, enhancing your experience on the platform.‍

Forward Protocol's Visionary Bridge from Web2 to Web3

Join The Community: Connect, Engage, Grow!

Dive into the dynamic world of Forward Protocol through our vibrant online communities. Each platform offers a unique way to stay informed, connect, and contribute to our growing ecosystem:

  • Telegram: Be part of our 32,000-strong family. Engage in real-time conversations and get instant updates!

  • Twitter: Join 69,000 followers for the latest buzz, insights, and community highlights.

  • Facebook: Connect with 18,000 members for in-depth discussions and shared experiences.

  • Instagram: Follow our journey with 5,000 others for visual updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

  • YouTube: Subscribe to our channel with 10,000 others for informative videos, tutorials, and live sessions.

  • Discord: Engage with 23,000 enthusiasts in a space for collaborative discussions and community support.

Become a part of our story and help shape the future of blockchain and dApp development. Follow, like, subscribe, and join the conversation today!‍

A Step Towards Democratizing Web3

Ricardo Da Ros, CEO of Patex, commented on the partnership with Forward Protocol, stating, "We are very pleased to have Forward as a partner. Their mission aligns with our goal to democratize Web3 and provide an easy and low-cost path for developers and entrepreneurs to innovate, especially in LatAm.”‍


The Road So Far

Core Team

Partners And Investors

IDO Specifications‍: Moving $FORWARD

  • Token Price: $0.012

  • IDO Date: January 30th and 31st, 2024

  • Token Symbol: $FORWARD

  • Allocation Size: $300,000

  • Max Supply: 5,000,000,000

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

  • ‍Initial Market Cap (IMC): $473,750 

  • Circulating Supply at TGE: 94,750,000

  • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $25,000,000

  • Vesting Schedule: 15% at TGE, 3 months cliff, then daily linear for three months.

  • Launchpads: ChainGPT Pad

  • ‍Listing Details: TBA

Embrace the Blockchain Revolution with Forward Protocol IDO

As the Forward Protocol IDO nears, we invite you to join this transformative leap in blockchain technology. This groundbreaking initiative paves the way for easy, no-code development of dApps and blockchains, democratizing Web3 access. Be part of a vibrant, global community eager to shape the future of decentralized applications. Mark your calendars for January 30th and 31st, 2024, and seize the opportunity to invest in $FORWARD, a token that's your gateway to innovation and progress in the blockchain world.‍

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