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ChainGPT Pad’s Weekly Roundup 01.13. - 01.19.

Last week, we announced our highly anticipated Incubation IDO, GT Protocol, which is at the same time the biggest impression for our team in this Weekly Roundup. GT Protocol is one of the most prominent projects in Web3, offering a wide range of AI trading tools and other features powered by AI, such as AI NFT Management and Shopping Assistance. Find out more about our Incubation IDO, and see what ChainGPT Pad was up to last week.   

ChainGPT Pad Incubation: GT Protocol IDO Coming Next Week! 

We are thrilled to welcome one of the most-awaited-for IDOs on ChainGPT Pad - GT Protocol! GT Protocol and its native token $GTAI that powers the AI system and the GT Protocol ecosystem align with what we believe at ChainGPT - bringing only the best IDOs to our community and beyond.  With a team of dedicated professionals with a proven track record in Web3 and AI and a sustainable business model that already generated close to a million dollars in revenue, GT Protocol is a promising company with a carefully developed suite of AI tools for trading and more. See the announcement and register your interest for $GTAI IDO as we excitedly welcome GT Protocol - coming next week to ChainGPT Pad. 

Register interest in $GTAI IDO

Dechat ($CHAT) IDO Postponed 

Dechat IDO has been temporarily paused and this decision is a result of the Dechat token listing being rescheduled to February 2024. We believe it is crucial to align our launch with the finalized listing date and time for a smoother and more efficient process, which is why we apologize for any inconvenience that the postponement of the IDO may have caused to our community. For those who have already purchased $CHAT tokens, ChainGPT Pad will issue a full refund. We will keep you informed with all necessary updates, including the resumption of the Dechat IDO once the details are finalized. 


GT Protocol ($GTAI) Registration Started 

As we already mentioned previously in the Roundup and announced in the past week, the Registration period for GT Protocol started. Users still have a chance to register their interest in the $GTAI IDO until January 21st when registration will be closing and the Pre-Order Round will start. Make sure to register while there’s still time - you can do that by following the link below.  


$GTAI IDO Whitelist Giveaway with Partners 

To celebrate the upcoming GT Protocol IDO on ChainGPT Pad, we have organized a Whitelist Giveaway campaign for $GTAI IDO in collaboration with our partners. See the list of partners in this WL Giveaway and follow the link below to join the Giveaway and secure one of the 15 WL spots. 


$GTAI IDO Whitelist Giveaway with ChainGPT Pad

We extend our Whitelist Giveaway campaign for GT Protocol IDO by organizing another WL Giveaway to reward 15 users from our community with secured spots for this exciting and prominent IDO. Check out the original announcement and enter the Giveaway so as not to miss out on the opportunity to secure your own WL spot.  


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