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ChainGPT Pad's Weekly Roundup 12.23. - 12.29.

It’s the last week of 2023, which means that our next Weekly Roundup won’t be out until next year! We are still working full steam to ensure that our community is happy with our choice of IDOs and to continue to bring only the best and most innovative projects in 2024. Let’s see what we’ve been up to last week. 

Serenity Shield ($SERSH) Exclusive Free Giveaway 🎁

To celebrate a successful IDO for $SERSH, ChainGPT Pad organized an Exclusive Free Giveaway! The FCFS Round started on December 28th, and all users who participated in the IDO could join the Giveaway. At the time of the official announcement, almost 80% of the giveaway has been filed, showing great interest in getting a share of $80,000 in $SERSH tokens. The Guaranteed Round for $SERSH, without guaranteed allocation, is open only for participants who didn't claim a refund. See the original announcement and check out the Giveaway page, where participants can claim their free tokens via the links below.

$SERSH Exclusive FREE Giveaway 

Exverse ($EXVG) IDO is Coming to ChainGPT Pad 🔜

As promised, we are dedicated to supporting various promising Web3 projects, and Exverse falls under that bracket. As a prominent Web3 AI-powered, free-to-play game, Exverse is an Unreal Engine 5-built world with PvP experiences and PvE challenges. The project has stable tokenomics with the official token $EXVG, and we are thrilled to support their upcoming IDO on ChainGPT Pad. Read more about Exverse, an immersive Metaverse game, the project Roadmap, tokenomics, and more in our blog, and see the original announcement. 

Exverse IDO Coming to ChainGPT Pad: Learn more

ChainGPT Pad's 2023 Recognition Recap: A Year of Success 🎉

The year 2023 has been an exhilarating ride for ChainGPT - since our launch, we’ve been at the top of the charts half the time in the category of top Launchpads! In September and November, ChainGPT led ROI charts among 100 launchpads - twice. In October, we ranked just behind Binance Launchpad as a top pad by CryptoRank, and we continue to work towards remaining on the top and ranking among the best Launchpads in the Web3 space. See the original announcement, and read more about ChainGPT Pad recognitions in our blog. 

ChainGPT Pad Recognition Recap 2023

DAO Proposal: Should ChainGPT Pad Reserve 10% of Allocation for FCFS Round? 🗳

We trust our community with choices concerning their involvement and participation in IDO projects launched with ChainGPT Pad. That is why we have shared a DAO proposal for users to vote on the FCFS Round 10% Reserve. DAO members can vote FOR or AGAINST the proposal to reserve 10% of allocation for the FCFS Round for every IDO project launching on ChainGPT Pad. Find the original announcement and cast your vote for the latest DAO proposal via the links below. 

DAO Proposal - Vote Now

IvanOnTech Joins ChainGPT Pad as a New Advisor & Ambassador

ChainGPT Pad welcomed a new Advisor and Ambassador, Ivan Liljekvist, also known as IvanOnTech. Ivan is a renowned crypto and Web3 influencer with over half a million followers on YouTube and a significant follower base on Twitter. Ivan is also the founder of Moralis, and his fresh perspective on the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrencies brings great value to ChainGPT Pad. See the original announcement and learn more about Ivan and his future contributions to our mission as one of our Advisors and Ambassadors. 

IvanOnTech Joins ChainGPT Pad as an Advisor and Ambassador

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