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ChainGPT Welcomes Renowned Tech Visionary Ivan on Tech as a New Advisor and Ambassador

ChainGPT, a leader in delivering the highest quality AI and blockchain services, is excited to announce the addition of Ivan Liljeqvist, widely known as Ivan on Tech, the successful YouTube influencer, to our team as the latest Advisor and Ambassador. This critical moment marks the arrival of a respected talent to a team recognized for its global impact in the Web3 space. ChainGPT's track record, highlighted by remarkable achievements such as an impressive Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $11 million, a dynamic community of over 120,000 active monthly users, and strong partnerships with more than 90 leading Web3 companies, reflects our dedication to excellence and continuous innovation. β€

Ivan on Tech: A Shining Example of Digital Innovation

From Stockholm, Sweden, Ivan is a shining example of creativity and leadership in cryptocurrency and blockchain. His YouTube channel, "Ivan on Tech," clearly shows his impact and knowledge, attracting over half a million subscribers with fresh perspectives on the constantly changing crypto world. Along with his significant following on Twitter, enhances his presence in the digital currency community, connecting with more than 420,000 followers.‍

Beyond the Screen: Ivan’s Entrepreneurial Journey


But Ivan's contributions go beyond his online persona. As the co-founder and CEO of Moralis Academy and Moralis, he has demonstrated a profound insight for nurturing and leading ventures in blockchain technology. Under his stewardship, Moralis has soared, securing an impressive $53 million in funding. This achievement underlines his insight into navigating and expanding in the Web3 sector.‍

A Strategic Alliance for the Future

Ivan's blend of technical skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to simplify complex concepts makes him a valuable addition to our team. His joining ChainGPT goes beyond just bringing in a notable personality, as it represents a strategic decision that aligns with our mission to attract the best talent worldwide. His insights and guidance are ready to boost the value and utility of $CGPT, further strengthening its position in the market.‍

A Beacon of Optimism for $CGPT Holders

For $CGPT holders, Ivan's role in ChainGPT brings a sense of remarkable progress. His track record in promoting growth and innovation in blockchain technology promises to enrich the ChainGPT ecosystem, creating new opportunities and pathways for success. With Ivan on board, we are not just gearing up for the next big step; we are redefining the frontiers of AI and blockchain convergence.‍

Vision and Expertise: Driving Future Success

This partnership goes beyond a simple alliance, representing a fusion of vision and expertise. As ChainGPT continues to pioneer AI and blockchain technology, Ivan's presence will assist us through new challenges and opportunities. We look forward to the synergy that Ivan's guidance will bring and are excited about the future we will shape together. Welcome aboard, Ivan!‍

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