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Exverse's IDO on ChainGPT Pad: Revolutionizing Gaming with an AI-Powered, Community-Driven Universe

At ChainGPT Pad, our pride in being the top-ranked launchpad in the cryptocurrency sector for the last three months by CryptoRank is immense. This prestigious recognition, achieved among nearly 100 launchpads, highlights our commitment to partnering with only the industry's most skilled teams and promising startups. In line with this, we are thrilled to introduce Exverse, an AI-powered gaming universe set to transform the gaming experience. Built on Unreal Engine 5, Exverse offers a diverse and captivating gaming world, ready to deliver a new level of excitement and engagement for gamers everywhere.

The Revolutionary World of Exverse

Exverse, built on the advanced Unreal Engine 5, is an AI-driven free-to-play universe comprising three distinct planets, each offering unique gaming experiences:

Battle Planet: Dive into intense PVP action with Battle Royales, Deathmatch, and thrilling tournaments.

Quest Planet: Embark on solo or group PVE adventures with player quests, raids, and world events.

Social Planet: Connect and collaborate in Guilds, explore the marketplace, and participate in special in-game events.

The Exverse team brings vast experience from AAA games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Apex Legends, ensuring top-tier gaming quality.‍

The Future of Exverse

Central to Exverse's vision is a community-driven approach to self-governance and creative freedom. Initially guided by the Exverse team, the community will eventually take the lead in creating new worlds and experiences. Players can craft unique gaming scenarios with assets such as NFTs, shaping the Exverse universe's future.

‍Inside the Exverse Universe, You Can Earn in the Following Ways

Playing Matches against other real players on our Battle Planet

Playing PVE Modes and special seasonal offerings on our Quest Planet

Taking part in community activities and supporting the ecosystem via our Social Planet

Watch & Earn renting ad spaces in-game, rooting for teams/players & more

Selling skins that are earned from events or in-game progress

Progressing through different Season & VIP Passes & account levels

Completing Special Events by participating in activities

Staking tokens against other teams of players in different modes

Being a creator contributing to the Exverse universe

Exverse will be catering to the professional E-sports scene with its strategic partners, and our players will be able to earn larger rewards from:

Competing in Competitive mode and achieving seasonal rankings.

Winning Tournaments are organized with our strategic partners, where our community contributes to the prize pool.

Becoming a professional player ready for sponsorship or ambassadorship deals with Exverse or its partners.‍

Core  Features‍

Built on Unreal Engine 5 for maximum immersion.

Free-to-play, removing the barrier of entry for onboarding new users.

No more worrying about creating a MetaMask! First-ever gaming experience for token purchases and withdrawals with no web3 wallet involved.

Simplicity, Exverse is designed to ease the onboarding process of new users via its simple UI, gameplay, & registration.

Watch & earn, win to earn, own to earn, build to earn. Do it your way.

Internal Marketplace, where users can trade their lands, skins & more.

Sustainable & intricate economy developed by the world's best.

Genre: Free-to-play shooter

Economy: F2P and Play-and-Earn crypto economy with NFT in-game assets 

Platform: PC

Rating: 16+‍

Economic Structure

The $EXVG token is the cornerstone of this community-centric model. Holding these tokens grants members greater access and influence in the Exverse ecosystem. 

Players can earn through various activities, including competing on Battle Planet, engaging in Quest Planet’s PVE modes, and participating in Social Planet’s community events. Additional earning opportunities include in-game advertising, selling skins, progressing through seasons and VIP passes, special event participation, staking tokens, and content creation.‍


Exverse has forged strong partnerships with Kucoin Labs, Maven Capital, ESTV (Streaming-LG TV), NEAR Foundation, Magic Eden, UNIX Gaming, Ready Player Dao, Indie GG, Gameswift, Elixir Gaming, and Ready Player Me.


Exverse's journey so far includes:

Successfully securing a seed round.

Raising 90% of a $720k strategic round, targeting a $12 Million FDV.

Gaining incubation by Kucoin.

Ready MVPs for Battle Planet and Death Match.

Establishing partnerships with industry leaders like Kucoin Labs, Maven Capital, and NEAR Foundation.

Investor Confidence

Exverse has secured backing from a robust group of investors:

  • Moonrock Capital

  • Cogitent Ventures

  • Cointelligence

  • Blackswan (QORPO)

  • NewTribe Capital

  • MerkieTech

  • Daxos Capital

  • XBorg (Swissborg)

  • Gains Associates

  • Apex Digital

  • Polkabridge

Their involvement underscores Exverse's strong market potential.

Business Model

Funds raised will be strategically allocated to marketing efforts, public alpha development, and exchange listings to enhance liquidity and accessibility.


Exverse is a company in the web3 space focusing on growth, collaboration, and diversity, which is strongly portrayed by our team's line-up, from highly experienced developers to people leaders.

Core team

Alexander Chernov - Co-founder and serial blockchain/crypto entrepreneur from 2014, before being a marketing strategist in several projects. Invested in crypto projects at an early stage. Owned a crypto exchange platform. More than 7 years in crypto p2p trading. Professional skills in packaging high-tech products, project development, and investing in promising companies.

Nikita Uriupin - Co-Founder and experienced Senior Level Global Growth and BD Director with a demonstrated history and proven track record working in the NFT, blockchain gaming, and web3 startups. A creative problem solver with years of experience in strategy, branding, and marketing. 

Ooi Fei Hoong ​- CEO,  is a serial entrepreneur with experience handling a vast range of scopes in the professional industry and serves as the CEO at Exverse. Fei is considered by many in the web3 community to be one of the upcoming project leaders on web3, NFT's and play to earn market. Known as “WhiteGlint,” he is described as one of the most forward thinkers in the web3 space - he can recognize trends and patterns early to help his team understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behavior.

Evgeniy Popov - Head of Game Development, founder/CEO of GPC, gamer, developer, chief of the largest unreal engine developers community. Hands-on experience working on the Call of Duty franchise, Halo, Ratten Reich & Losted.

​Nikita Kuznetsov​ - 19 years of experience in software development. Programming language polyglot. More than five years in blockchain development (Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger, Substrate, Masterchain, Te zos, Bitcoin ) in B2B and C2C sectors. Projects include social networks, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Foreign EPassport, Logistic Systems, Blockchain VPN, Ship Management Systems on D LT, and Distributed Service Monitoring. He is skilled in information security, distributed system architecture, modern cryptography, and M L/AI and believes in Web 3.0 and Machine-To-Machine future.

Business Development & Marketing

Prem Nagothi - Head of Marketing & Business Development, a Digital assets investor and an entrepreneur, has over 2 years of experience working in the industry. He has worked in several roles, leading community, business development, and growth marketing.


Ricky Wagner - Head of Community & Security, Distinct, started in the NFT space in early November '21. He comes from a business and crypto trading background. He has extensive knowledge in discord integration, crypto securities, layer 2 and 3 solutions, and community building.


‍IDO Specifications‍

Token Price: $0.055
Allocation Size: $250,000
Max Supply: 400,000,000
Network: Immutable
Initial Market Cap: $294,800
Circulating Supply at TGE: 5,360,000
Vesting Schedule: 20% at TGE, 1-month cliff, 6 monthly unlocks
Launchpads: ChainGPT Pad, KuCoin Spotlight, GameFi, and Bullperkz
Listing Details: KuCoin and ByBit.


ChainGPT Pad's proven success, innovative approach, and dedicated community support make it the ideal platform for Exverse's launch. Exverse's IDO is set to be a standout success, backed by a highly skilled team and a vision that intertwines gaming innovation with community-driven development. Exverse, soon launching on Immutable, is not just a game but a revolution in the gaming landscape. Be a part of this groundbreaking journey with Exverse, where gaming meets creativity and community empowerment.‍

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