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Octavia’s IDO Launch on ChainGPT Pad: Shaping the Future of Crypto Management with AI

ChainGPT Pad, renowned for its exceptional IDO services, has earned a stellar reputation in the Web3 community. Recently, it has ranked as the most popular launchpad in 2023! a testament to its unique approach and commitment to excellence. ChainGPT Pad distinguishes itself with a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only startups of the highest quality, showcasing innovation and strong growth potential, join its IDO platform. 

One remarkable startup chosen by ChainGPT Pad is Octavia, a groundbreaking AI assistant designed to revolutionize how we interact with the crypto world. The global AI market size is projected to reach $1.82T by 2030, growing at an average annual rate of 38.1% from 2023 to 2030, and Octavia emerges as a significant player. Its unique blend of on-chain knowledge and internet connectivity stands out, offering unparalleled crypto research, trading, and more assistance. This innovative AI assistant, aligning with the market's dynamic growth, is a game-changer in the crypto sphere, providing users with personalized, secure, and comprehensive support.‍

Key Tasks That Octavia Can Handle Include:

  • Writing tweet threads on crypto topics.

  • Assisting with token purchases during presales.

  • Providing updates on market trends and price movements.

  • Monitoring new token launches and providing insights.

  • Fetching detailed smart contract information.

  • Offering the latest news in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • Researching and summarizing crypto projects.

  • Posting token price predictions and project updates on Twitter.

  • Analyzing on-chain metrics for various tokens.

Octavia also offers a specialized version for group settings, "Octavia for Groups," tailored for use in Discord and Telegram communities. This version acts as a community manager, moderating chats, answering project-related queries, and sharing relevant information, ensuring a well-informed and respectful community environment.

Technical FAQ:‍

  • How does Octavia function? Octavia is a semi-autonomous AI, trained in crypto knowledge, with direct access to blockchain and the internet for research and trading assistance.

  • Blockchain Access: Octavia directly interacts with blockchains, performing tasks like token purchases and retrieving wallet information.

  • AI Memory System: Octavia's three-tier memory system - Local, Global, and Fixed - adapts and evolves based on user interactions and discoveries.

  • Web Research Capabilities: Octavia conducts web research akin to human browsing, using search engines and site visits for comprehensive understanding.

  • Blockchain Analysis: The Blockchain Analysis module in Octavia-Core autonomously analyzes blockchain data, enhancing the accuracy of responses.

  • User Privacy: Octavia prioritizes user privacy with specific data storage systems and optional incognito chats for premium users.

  • Adaptability to User Preferences: Octavia's memory system is flexible, adapting to changes in user preferences and incorporating new information efficiently.

Exploring the VIA Token in the Octavia Ecosystem

Overview of VIA Token

VIA, the native token of Octavia is an integral component of the Octavia ecosystem. This token is central to the functionality of the Web3 Crypto AI Assistant, offering various utilities ranging from staking to powering machine learning models.

Key Utilities of VIA Token:

  1. Staking: Users can stake VIA tokens to earn rewards within the Octavia ecosystem. This approach encourages active participation and contributes to a healthy ecosystem by reducing the circulating supply of VIA tokens. Staking also provides a source of passive income for token holders.

  2. Premium Features: VIA token holders gain access to advanced features, including automated trading, private mode, and enhanced workflows. This utility not only incentivizes holding and using VIA tokens but also increases their demand and decreases their availability in the market.

  3. Governance: Embracing decentralization, Octavia empowers VIA token holders with governance rights. They can propose, vote, and discuss changes and new features in the ecosystem, placing the platform's direction and evolution in the community's hands.

  4. Train-to-Earn: This innovative concept allows users to contribute to Octavia's development by providing feedback on its outputs in return for ecosystem rewards. This train-to-earn system improves Octavia’s capabilities and creates a rewarding loop for users contributing to the platform.

The VIA token is clear proof of the diverse aspects of Octavia, combining user engagement, platform governance, and economic incentives in a cohesive ecosystem. As Octavia continues to grow, the VIA token will become increasingly and more important in shaping its future and improving the user experience.


  • 400,000 Unique Visitors in 28 days to our site! 

  • Over 10,000 wallets are connected to our dApp waiting list! 

  • Octavia Pre-Alpha and Moderation Beta LIVE! 

  • Over 100,000 DeFi users are being served by Octavia Moderation Beta 

  • Pre-Alpha with over 10,000 unique testers 

  • Over 1,000,000 Conversations with Pre-Alpha 

  • T1 Exchanges and Partners Lined up 

  • Army of over 200+ KOLs & OG Callers‍

The Importance of Community in Octavia's Growth

The Driving Force Behind Octavia

The strength and engagement of Octavia's community are key factors in its success, especially during its upcoming IDO on ChainGPT Pad and for its continued growth post-IDO.

Community Engagement and Numbers

  • Twitter (X): With over 120,000 followers, Octavia's Twitter community actively engages with updates and collaborations, showcasing a strong support system.

  • Telegram: The Telegram group, home to nearly 50,000 members, is a hub of constant interaction, reflecting the community's high interest.

  • Discord: Over 25,000 members in the Discord server create a lively space for discussion and feedback, adding to the community's vibrancy.

Community's Role in IDO and Post-IDO Success

A vibrant community is crucial for a successful IDO, helping to attract investors and increase project visibility. After the IDO, the community's insights and support are vital for maintaining momentum and refining Octavia's offerings.

Synergy with Octavia's Features and Team

The community's feedback directly influences Octavia's development, ensuring that the AI assistant and its features, like the Train-to-Earn model, meet user needs. This interaction also guides the team, including leaders like Luke Martinez, in making informed decisions for future enhancements.

Meet the Octavia Team

Luke Martinez - Founder & CEO - a true pioneer in the crypto industry, has been actively contributing since 2012. With his extensive experience and deep involvement in projects like Peercoin, he brings a unique perspective to Octavia. 

At its peak, his platform had over 300,000 MAUs, $2,6bn in traded volume through the platform, and was ranked #2 most used dApp on BSC.

You can follow Luke's journey on LinkedIn.


  • Nick Pelacanos - Ex CFO of DAO Maker 

  • Barek Sekandari - ex-COO of Fantom

  • MasterBlox

  • Acranum Ventures  

  • Màks - AlfaCatalyst

  • MoonBoots Capital


DAOMaker, MoonBoots Capital, Decubate, ChainGPT, AITech, Gains Associates, Cryptic, Masterblox Foundation, DexCheck, Acranum Ventures, Finceptor, Openfabric AI, Assure DeFi, GMX, UNCX, ApeSwap, BSC News, Bitcoin(dot)com + more.‍

Investors & Raise Info 

  • MoonBoots Capital, Poolz Ventures, Gains Associates, Castrum, Genesis Capital, Equinox Fund & more are on the cap table. 

  • KOL round 50% oversubscribed — over 200 T1 KOLs onboarded with pad partners. 

  • All rounds are heavily oversubscribed — seeking value-added and strategic investors only.

  • Top 10 Exchanges for TGE

Roadmap & Development

Q1 2024:

  • Document Upload for Assistant Knowledgebase - Improve your FAQ effortlessly

  • AI Analytics - Get insights into the discussions in your community.

  • Voice Note/Audio AI Moderation - Detect abuse within Voice Notes & Audio.

  • Multi-message Moderation - Detect and prevent abuse spread across multiple messages.

  • Finalise Seed and Private Rounds

  • Launch token

  • CEX - List on 2 Top 10 CEXs

  • Onboard 100 communities to Octavia moderation

  • Reach over 200,000 active users (over 150k now)

  • Reach 2,000,000 conversations with Octavia

Q2 2024:

  • AI Disruptive User Detection - Detect, Review and Ban users who subtly add negativity and FUD to your group.

  • Sentiment Analysis and Reporting - Detect and Review trends in your community.

  • Proactive Support - Octavia identifies answerable questions and automatically responds to users without being tagged. (Configurable)

  • Image & Sticker AI Moderation - detect abusive images and stickers and moderate them automatically.

  • Refer2Earn Launch - Users can introduce Octavia’s moderation tool to new paying clients to earn a staking APY or bulk token bonus.

  • Octavia API - Create custom integrations to allow Octavia to speak to users in new ways and directly tap into the world of crypto knowledge.

  • Whitelabel & Customise Octavia

Q3 2024:

  • Train2Earn Launch - users can train Octavia’s latest moderation models and provide feedback to earn tokens.

  • Octavia Assistant Beta - Leave alpha with improved blockchain research and initial implementation of token trading.

  • Web Client Release - Speak to Octavia in the web client and get contextual information as you converse.

  • Octavia for Chrome/Firefox Assistant release - Get Contextual information about tokens you discover online.

  • AI Autoban - Detects and automatically bans Paid FUD & Paid Shiller accounts

  • Enterprise Service Launch

Q4 2024:

  • In-Chat Buys - Allows you to buy the project token within community chats.

  • Learn2Earn Launch - Use Octavia as a learning tool and win rewards.


  • Automated Trading - “Buy me $500 of bitcoin when the next ETF is approved”

  • Portfolio Tracking - Ask questions about your portfolio composition, risk, strategy, and performance.

  • Expand beyond crypto communities - Offer moderation for more than just crypto communities.

  • More to be announced - Our public roadmap offers the vision for the following year, allowing us to research, innovate, and deploy new services in an agile manner.

‍IDO Specifications‍

  • Token Price: $0.10‍

  • IDO Date: TBA

  • IDO Page: TBA

  • Token Symbol: $VIA

  • Allocation Size: $250,000

  • Max Supply: 100,000,000

  • Network: Ethereum

  • ‍Initial Market Cap (IMC): $360,500 (Excluding Liquidity)

  • Circulating Supply at TGE: 3,605,000

  • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $10,000,000

  • Vesting Schedule: 15% at TGE, no cliff, 8 monthly unlocks

  • Launchpads: ChainGPT Pad, DAOMaker, Decubate and Poolz

  • ‍Listing Details: 2 Top 10 Exchanges for TGE

The Future of AI in Crypto with Octavia

Octavia represents a paradigm shift in the crypto world, blending advanced AI technology with the dynamic realm of Web3. Its launch on ChainGPT Pad underscores its potential as a groundbreaking tool in cryptocurrency management. With features like blockchain and internet integration and a sophisticated AI memory system, Octavia is a forerunner in the intersection of AI and blockchain technology.
Moreover, "Octavia for Groups" extends its utility to community management, promising efficient moderation and information dissemination within group settings.

As we anticipate, Octavia's IDO on ChainGPT Pad is a testament to the evolving synergy between AI and the crypto ecosystem, offering practicality and innovation. Octavia is ready to set new standards in AI-assisted crypto management, making it an exciting development for both crypto enthusiasts and technology aficionados.

Octavia Resources

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