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Weekly Roundup 12.17. - 12.23.

From new partnerships and new records being made to more amazing achievements and first places for ChainGPT, we are leaving another dynamic week behind - but only after we take you on a tour of the top moments and events for ChainGPT. Let’s take a dive as we say goodbye to another perfect week! 

$CGPT Hits 10M TVL (Total Value Locked)

We are super thrilled to share with our community that $CGPT reached $10,000,000 TVL (Total Value Locked). We recently reached this significant milestone that showcases the community's trust in ChainGPT. We look forward to more important milestones and new records in the following year. Stake for APY, explore ChainGPT AI products and tools, and find the original announcement. Check out the current TVL numbers as we keep growing. 


ChainGPT x Port3 Partnership Announcement 🤝

We are always excited to announce new partnerships with promising Web3 projects. This week, ChainGPT partnered with Port3, a one-stop Social Data Layer platform with off-chain and on-chain data for diverse Web3 use cases! Port3 currently has nearly 2 million users, who can access and use three different data layer loops: SoQuest, a comprehensive Web3 portal and quest platform that supports 16 L1 + L2 blockchains, Port3 Data Layer, and Blockchain Quest Language (BQL). Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements and check out the original partnership post. 


ChainGPT Records +2,129.95% UAW in the Last 30 Days

We love breaking records! In the last 30 days, ChainGPT recorded over 2,139.95% UAW (Unique Active Wallets) with over 20,000 users connected in that same period. The new record stands as a testament to our dedication to providing the best AI tools in Web3 and making sure that our users are happy with our tools and products. See the original announcement and check out our rank on BNB Chain DappBay. 

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ChainGPT #1 in Tools & Utility/BNB Chain

We are number 1 in the Tools and Utility section on BNB Chain’s DappBay! From the 2nd and 4th best to the top-used protocol on BNB Chain, we were excited to share another new record made by ChainGPT. Follow up with ChainGPT for more exciting news and more new records in the upcoming 2024 and find the original announcement in the link below. 


ChainGPT x BNB Chain Holiday Party AMA

We joined the BNB Chain Holiday Party AMA with our CEO, Ilan Rakhmanov, for a dynamic chat with the BNB ecosystem communities. The five listeners with the best questions submitted to the guests were also rewarded with $50 each, and we’ve had a great time talking about the future plans and the top ChainGPT highlights in 2023.  See the original announcement and play the recording in case you’ve missed the live AMA. 


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