The Crown Chronicles 004

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Hey there, Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to take a page from Simon Sinek's book 'Start With Why'. In the landscape of NFTs, I've observed that many artists are consumed with the 'What' or the 'How'. We tend to be concerned with how to sell, what kind of NFT to launch, or how to promote it. However, I urge you to ask the more profound question: 'Why?'.

Why are you engaging with NFTs? What is driving you towards this medium? In my opinion, financial gain alone isn't a sustainable motive. Collectors and users in the web3 space are becoming increasingly discerning, seeking utility, scarcity, and the thrill of owning something special. Simply put, an NFT is just a format – a medium to present a song, an artwork, or even a membership. But ask yourself, what makes your work distinctive? Why would someone choose to collect it?

For instance, open editions, although popular, don't necessarily offer collectors a sense of uniqueness or scarcity – elements often found in limited editions or 1 of 1s.

The fundamental principle I want to stress here is to remember your 'Why' when creating NFTs. Why would someone collect your work? What value are you offering them? We are in an era where NFTs need a purpose and should bring value to their collectors.

And here's some food for thought for next week: What if, instead of focusing on making money for yourself, you focused on making money for your fans? Until then, keep exploring your 'Why'.

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What’s New?

I'm about to dial it in and flip to EP mode. For the next few weeks, it's gonna be all about digging deep into the creative trenches to work on this upcoming EP. Gonna lay low, and maybe change up the scenery to fuel the process.

I just wanted to keep y'all in the loop. More to come.

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Creative Corner

This week's creative tip is all about collaboration. If you’re looking to boost your music output, try collaborating! Think of it as a relay race - while you're putting the final touches on one track, another could be receiving some magic from a vocalist, and a fellow producer might be wrapping up a collab.

This collective effort results in tracks materializing almost effortlessly. Give it a try - shared creativity can bring a newfound rhythm to your work.

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CRITICAL by serboy - SOUND

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