The Crown Chronicles 007

Rewarding your fans, Web3 unlocks, and synth jamming for creativity.

Hey there, Happy Wednesday!

One of the most important shifts happening right now in the music industry, thanks to web3 technology, is how we engage with our fans. The game has changed. We're no longer just selling stuff to our fans - be it merch, concert tickets, or even NFTs. What's truly groundbreaking is that we now have a verifiable and immutable way to identify who our fans are and reward them for their engagement and loyalty.

You see, the new landscape isn't about just pushing sales and trying to rack up as much revenue as possible or obsessing over the 'floor' on secondary markets. It's not about the 'I' - it's about the 'We'. We need to flip our thinking and start focusing on our fans - our community.

So, my message to fellow artists out there is this: Start Rewarding Your Fans. Yes, with real value. Web3 technology allows us to do this in ways we've never been able to before. Imagine your fans being able to not just support you, but actually share in your success in a real, tangible way. Isn't that the kind of connection we're all striving for?

Think of it like an airline loyalty program, where customers earn miles for their patronage, every time they fly. Only in this case, your fans are earning benefits and rewards for supporting your art. The act of spending isn't new to fans. But earning? That's a fresh perspective and one we should all be embracing.

Web3 is shifting us from a culture of 'me' to 'we'. Let's lean into it, value our fans like we should, and build the kind of community where everyone participates in the success.

We're in this together, after all.

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Creative Corner

This week, let's try something a little different. How about a good old jamming session with your favorite synth? It could be a plugin like Serum from Xfer Records, or a hardware synth that you're particularly fond of. Here's a fun exercise.

First, add the plugin to a channel, and put in a long C note or multiple C notes on the MIDI. It could be a 4-on-the-floor pattern or one long sustained note. Whatever gets you in the groove. Now, route the audio to a second channel and make sure it's set to record.

Now it's time to have some fun! Hit the record button and start experimenting with your synthesizer. Try out different waveforms, add some effects, and play around with the filters. You could even reset the plugin halfway through or try out different waveforms and combinations, such as FM synthesis. The sky's the limit here - let your imagination run wild!

Do this for about 10-15 minutes and when you're done, have a listen. Chances are, you're going to find a 4-bar sample in there that's pure gold. If it doesn't work, don't worry. Just start over and try a different synthesizer.

Remember, not all of your creative moments will lead to a hit track, but the process is where the fun's at.

Keep experimenting and making noise, because you never know when the magic will strike!

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