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New music, launching on, and remixing yourself.

Hey there, Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to the newsletter! It's great to be back with you all after some reframing and new platform additions. Brought to you thanks to the amazing support of the Lens Protocol.

Today, I want to discuss how being a musician entails much more than simply creating music. It involves a wide range of responsibilities! Modern artists are not only musicians but also entrepreneurs, marketers, graphic designers, booking agents, and even SEO experts. Talk about wearing multiple hats, right?

This flurry of tasks can create a mix of stress and anxiety. This is where I encourage you to take a moment to reflect. Remember, it's the music, the art that truly matters at the core. While the rest is important, it shouldn't overshadow what you genuinely love doing.

Take it from me: focus on the tasks that you truly enjoy, the ones that resonate with your creative spirit. And you know what? Those are often the tasks that yield the greatest results! In life, as in music, the Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule, holds true. Typically, about 20% of your efforts result in 80% of your outcomes. Therefore, concentrate on the 20% that truly "moves the needle.”

For the rest, don't hesitate to delegate. It's okay to share the load and to lean on others for support. Remember, you don't have to do it all.

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What’s New?

News Number One: A quick update for all of you - this newsletter and some other writings of mine will soon be available on T2. For those who aren't familiar, T2 is an awesome writing platform that's built on top of the Lens Protocol. I'm genuinely thrilled to be part of this and looking forward to sharing some thoughts and insights there soon. I’ll keep you guys posted

News Number Two: I've got a little secret for you - there's new music on the horizon! A brand-new remix of 'Hurts' is dropping this Thursday on Sound. I can't share too much right now, but trust me when I say it's something to look forward to. Be sure to mark your calendars, you won't want to miss this.

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Creative Corner

Today's tip is about remixing your own music. Dive back into your previous projects and select an older track. Then, give it a new life. Experiment with different tempos, switch up the genre, and add new layers. This exercise not only helps you see your growth as an artist but also sparks new ideas for future creations. Remember, every old song is a playground for new ideas!

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