The Crown Chronicles 011

Fan experiences in the digital age and remixing as a hack for creativity.

Hey there, Happy Tuesday!

The era of one-size-fits-all fan engagement is over, replaced by an exciting time where artists like you can connect with fans on an incredibly personal level. The rise of virtual concerts, augmented reality experiences, dynamic NFTs, and L2s, has opened up new frontiers in the creator economy. Imagine a fan not just listening to your music but immersing themselves in a virtual concert where they can interact with you and other fans in real time. It's no longer a futuristic dream; platforms are here making it possible!

With platforms like Bonfire, Zora, Sound, Oncyber, Manifold, Lens Protocol, Mirror, Showtime, and hundreds more, creators are building digital experiences that turn passive listeners into active community members. Tailoring content to individual preferences is becoming more accessible, allowing artists to foster a deeper connection with each fan. You know your fans, and now you can reward them, entertain them, and engage them like never before. This is all possible because we are ALL building on top of the same public good, the same protocol.

The challenge and the beauty of this new landscape lie in its endless possibilities. By embracing the new tools and platforms available, artists have the power to redefine what a fan experience can be. From limited edition virtual merch to interactive live streams, the sky's the limit. The creator economy isn't just about making content; it's about creating unforgettable, personalized experiences, memories if you will. Now more than ever, fans are part of your journey, and technology lets you bring them along in ways previously unimaginable. Your music, your vision, your community – all enhanced by the boundless potential of today's digital tools.

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What’s New?

So, after selling 69 editions of the Clear Eyes remix of Hurts, we are not stopping there. There’s a second remix by DOT coming very soon. I can’t share any extra details or dates with you all, but this is one fire remix.

Aside from the web3 updates, I want to take this opportunity and share with you all that both remixes are making their way to Spotify. One at a time starting later this month. I hope you’re ready 👀

In the meantime, follow me on Spotify and stay tuned, because we will soon announce some cool stuff happening with Bonfire, Showtime, and Sound. LFG!!

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Creative Corner

Here's a little trick I often use to spark creativity and get into the flow. When I hear an insane song on Spotify that resonates with me, I'll download the track from YouTube and use a tool like iZotope RX9 to isolate the vocals. This gives me an amazing vocal sample from a song I genuinely love, providing a perfect starting point.

With the vocals imported into Ableton, the rest often comes naturally. Finding the right vibe, chords, and sounds flow so much faster when I'm already connected to the material. It's a method that's not only fun but also quite effective. In fact, I won't tell you which, but some of my best-performing songs out there started as remixes.

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Drop Of The Week

Dot - MOONGLOW (VIP) [Via Sound]

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