The Crown Chronicles 013

The power of diving into our interests and hacking our minds for creativity.

Hey there, Happy Tuesday!

The power of exploration cannot be overstated when it comes to fostering creativity and innovation. As artists, it's easy to get caught up in our specific craft—be it music, visual art, writing, or any other form of creative expression. But some of the most impactful ideas often come from stepping outside our familiar zones and diving into new realms of knowledge.

For me, reading and dedicating time to learn new things have consistently been catalysts for inspiration. Whether it's picking up a book on philosophy, diving into a documentary on space exploration, or even attending a virtual lecture on web3, these experiences invariably influence my art. The act of learning itself becomes an idea incubator, sparking connections that I never would have made otherwise.

Remember, creativity isn't developed in a vacuum. Innovation often happens at the intersection of different fields, thoughts, and experiences. So the next time you feel stuck or uninspired, consider reaching for a book or dedicating time to learn something new. You'll be surprised at how this habit can enrich your art and elevate your creative journey.

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What’s New?

The Dot remix of ‘Hurts’ w/ Sara Phillips is OUT NOW everywhere. When I tapped Dot to do this remix, I knew it was going to be a banger ⚡️

Go stream it now!

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In addition to the release of "Hurts", I have decided to reactivate the Charlie Crown Discord Server. After much consideration, I will be moving operations from Telegram to Discord. While Telegram is nice, it lacks the engaging, fun, and robust features I envision. From now on, Discord will be fully active, with new channels for sharing music, requesting feedback from the community, promoting your music, and even sharing samples and presets. My goal is to create a thriving community of artists, producers, music fans, and tech enthusiasts who can engage in various topics and enjoy great music. This will serve as the headquarters of the Charlie Crown community, where members can not only converse but also earn rewards, memberships, and other benefits that will be available soon.

What are you waiting for? Join the community, see you there!

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Creative Corner

Mindset matters when you sit down to make music—or any art form, for that matter. If you approach the task thinking, "I have to make a complete song," it can be intimidating. The weight of that expectation can even lead to procrastination. Instead, try showing up with the simple intention of working on music. No pressure for a finished product; just the act of creating.

For instance, when I'm not particularly inspired, I might spend time making presets or sorting through samples to refresh my library. I also love setting a timer for 1 hour to crank out a couple of beats. The focus here is on the process, not the end result. At the end of the month, I'll usually find I've accumulated a batch of 20-30 ideas, with 4-5 that genuinely excite me. These then become the seeds for full-fledged tracks.

Remember, you're honing your skills with every session, even if you don't produce a "hit" each time. Try this mindset shift and track how you feel after a couple of months. You may just find that removing the pressure to produce a masterpiece every time you sit down frees you to actually do just that.

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Song Of The Week

‘See Me’ by camoufly, Oppidan & SHIMA

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