The Crown Chronicles 016

Learning by doing and finding creativity with unused plugins.

Hey there, Happy Tuesday!

There’s an ancient saying that goes, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” In the world of creativity and skill-building, this couldn’t be truer.

Think about learning to ride a bike. You can read manuals, watch countless videos, and even attend lectures about it. But until you hop on that bike and start pedaling, you won’t truly learn. Sure, you’ll try, fall, and earn your fair share of scrapes. But with each attempt, you’ll grow more confident, and soon you’ll be cruising smoothly.

The same principle applies across disciplines. Whether it’s music, programming, or gaming, real learning happens in the doing. You can read 100 books on how to produce a track, write code, or master a game, but the genuine insights come when you’re knee-deep in a DAW session, troubleshooting a piece of code, or navigating a challenging game level.

So, whatever your passion or pursuit, dive in. Start those small projects, embrace the roadblocks, and let experience be your teacher. Because in the end, the most impactful lessons come not from what we hear or see, but from what we do.

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What’s New?

There’s nothing big to share this week, but we’ve been heads down re-organizing the Discord server and repurposing some of the old channels. If you’re curious and want to join the conversation over there, please do, we are waiting for you!

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Creative Corner

It’s easy to fall into familiar patterns, especially when producing. We often gravitate towards our go-to EQs, compressors, and effects, making them almost an extension of our creative process. While familiarity can speed things up, it can also make things feel… well, too familiar.

So, here’s a challenge: dive into the depths of your plugin library. Revisit those plugins you’ve never used or those that have been gathering digital dust. Switching up your tools can be an unexpected source of inspiration. You might stumble upon a unique sound chain or discover an effect that reinvents a track.

Change, as they say, is the only constant. And in music production, a change in tools can lead to a delightful shift in creativity. Give it a spin, and you might just find a new favorite or rekindle love for an old one. Let me know how your sonic explorations go!

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