The Crown Chronicles 017

Why Web3 Is A No Brainer and Using Templates For Productivity.

Hey there, Happy Tuesday!

A few days ago, I tweeted something that seemed to strike a chord with many of you: "web3 is a no-brainer once you understand that besides monetization, it also offers a path for artists to enjoy the freedom to create on their own terms and distribute their work without relying on outdated and predatory gatekeepers. Keep your masters."

Today, let's unpack that a bit more.

In the traditional music industry, artists often find themselves bound by contracts, giving up their rights to their masters and relying on middlemen who may not always have their best interests at heart. The system has been, for many, a necessary evil to reach larger audiences and make a living.

Enter web3—a paradigm shift that changes the game entirely. Through blockchain technology and decentralized platforms, artists now have unprecedented control over their work. But this isn't just about monetization, though that's certainly a big part. It's also about artistic freedom.

With web3, you can retain ownership of your masters, set your own terms for how your work is used, and consumed, and engage directly with your audience. No gatekeepers. No predatory contracts. Just you, your craft, a community that loves what you create, and a public permissionless infrastructure to distribute your work

So, if you're still undecided about diving into web3, consider this: it's not just a new source of income. It's a technology for freedom that empowers you to become the artist you've always aspired to be, on your own terms, at your own pace.

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What’s New?

In our quest for gamification and rewards, referrals are coming soon to the newsletter. Yes, referrals. Wondering how to get web2 reach and distribution to work with web3 rewards and monetization? Guess we will find out soon. For now, stay tuned, there are a lot of things in the works right now and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

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Creative Corner

One of the best time-savers in the studio? Templates. Take vocal production or mixing, for example. I have a mix template in Pro Tools that I use every single time. It's pre-loaded with all my auxes, routing, busses, chains, and effects. When it's time to mix, I simply export stems from Ableton and import them into Pro Tools. Boom—I'm ready to dive into the creative work without the tedious setup. If you haven't set up your own templates yet, I highly recommend it. Time saved on the technical stuff is time gained for creativity.

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