The Crown Chronicles 018

I procrastinate watching productivity tutorials

Hey there, Happy Wednesday!

Today, let's get real about a trap that many of us, including myself, fall into—the planning trap. In a world filled with productivity apps,, time management hacks, and endless methodologies on how to 'optimize' your day, it's easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Yes, planning is crucial. A well-thought-out schedule or routine can bring you a step closer to your dreams and aspirations. However, incessant planning can ironically become an insidious form of procrastination.

The allure of the 'perfect' schedule, the ideal morning routine, or the most efficient time-blocking system can divert your attention from what's genuinely important—doing the work. How many times have you found yourself watching yet another YouTube video about productivity, convinced that your current system just isn't cutting it? How many hours have you spent configuring a new to-do list app, only to realize you've not actually done any of the tasks on it?

Avoid falling into this loop of eternal preparation. Stick with what works and refine it as you go. Incorporate new approaches judiciously, but never let the pursuit of perfection delay your progress. In an ever-changing landscape, especially for artists navigating technology and the creator economy, adaptability is key. Don't sacrifice doing for planning. You might find that the well-oiled machine you strive for just comes together when you least expect it. So let's focus on the doing more than the planning, shall we?

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Creative Corner

Shortcuts aren't just about cutting corners; they're about efficiency. In music production, keyboard shortcuts can be a game-changer. For instance, in Ableton, hitting 'Cmd+E' (Mac) or 'Ctrl+E' (Windows) allows you to split a clip at the current cursor position, accelerating your editing process. Learning and using such shortcuts can free up more time for your creative flow.

Charlie's Weekly Discoveries

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Song Of The Week

MIDNIGHT OIL - Whethan w/ Elley Duhé

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