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3 Tips For Showing Up: Why It Matters More Than Constant Output

Myth: Productivity Equals Constant Output in Creative Work

It's a pervasive myth in the creative industry, particularly in music production, that productivity is synonymous with constant output. This belief paints a picture where a successful artist is one who is always creating, releasing new tracks, and perpetually in a state of artistic output. This myth has likely stemmed from the glorification of 'busyness' and the publicized success stories of artists who seemingly churn out hit after hit with unwavering consistency.

However, this notion is deeply flawed.

Actually, this cartoon shared by Lex Friedman simplifies the explanation:

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Debunking the Myth: The Power of Presence Over Production

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A prime example of why this myth doesn't hold up is my own experience in music-making. There have been numerous days where the idea of creating a complete track felt overwhelming. Yet, instead of pressuring myself to produce constantly, I focused on simply being present in my creative space. Whether it's experimenting with drum patterns, playing with melodies, or organizing my samples and presets, I've realized that creativity isn't just about the end product; it's about the process.

This approach has taught me that not every session needs to culminate in a groundbreaking song. Commitment to the process, being there, and engaging with my work in any form is what truly matters.

Believing that you need to constantly produce to be productive is a significant mistake. It leads to burnout and stifles creativity.

Cultivating Presence Over Production

Instead of fixating on output, focus on showing up. Start by simply being present in your creative space, without the pressure of having to produce something every time.

To transition to this mindset, first understand that creativity thrives under non-pressure conditions. Give yourself the freedom to explore, experiment, and even fail. This approach shifts the focus from the quantity of output to the quality of the creative process.

Actionable Tips for Embracing Presence in Creativity

Tip #1: Set aside regular time for your craft, even if you don't feel like creating. This builds a habit of presence.

Tip #2: Experiment without expectations. Try new techniques or play around with ideas without the pressure of turning them into a final product.

Tip #3: Reflect and organize. Use your creative time to organize your tools, samples, or thoughts. Sometimes, the best ideas come when you're not actively trying to create.

Falling into the trap of equating productivity with constant output can lead to a creativity-crushing cycle of pressure and burnout.

Remember, there's a more sustainable, fulfilling path to creativity - one that values presence and engagement with your work, regardless of the immediate output. This approach not only nurtures your creative spirit but also paves the way for more authentic and inspired creations in the long run.

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