Harness AI to Land Your Dream Job or Risk Replacement: The Choice is Yours

Note: Originally published on May 29, 2023 on Mirror.

Six months have elapsed since OpenAI released ChatGPT. As an open-access online chatbot, ChatGPT enables users to pose questions and seek content. Within two months of its public launch in late November 2022, ChatGPT exceeded 100 million monthly users, thus setting a record as the fastest-growing web application globally. This sparked an intense discussion about AI, with OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, even addressing the topic in front of Congress earlier this month. The world buzzes with speculation and debate, focusing particularly on the potential for AI to induce massive job losses due to the productivity surge that large language models (LLMs) could instigate. While this long-term concern may have some basis, I contend that in the short term, this technology will not merely refrain from replacing you but will also assist you in acquiring the skills for your dream job.

For a reasonable investment of $20 per month, individuals worldwide can now benefit from a personal tutor, equipped with knowledge on virtually every internet topic. This tutor can provide practice problems, simplify intricate concepts, critique your work, devise a lesson plan, and offer much more. Since its launch, I've been utilizing it as my tutor, and it has proven to be a game-changing resource. The self-taught software development journey I embarked on a year and a half ago would have been considerably more streamlined and fruitful had this tool been available from the beginning.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in March, while about 58% of U.S. adults are aware of ChatGPT, only 14% have given it a try. This is a largely untapped resource offering substantial opportunities that most people are overlooking. By seizing this opportunity, you'll position yourself advantageously in your pursuit of your dream job.

To provide a clear picture of my learning process using ChatGPT, let's take the example of learning to code backend servers. I start by watching a YouTube tutorial on the subject, taking notes on a second monitor with ChatGPT ready for questions. As I progress through the tutorial, any doubt or question that arises is promptly posed to ChatGPT for a simple explanation. If the first explanation is insufficient, I delve deeper with follow-up questions until I've grasped the concept. Once the tutorial ends, the practical application of the skills I've just learned begins.

Before I dive into the coding itself, I use ChatGPT to craft multiple-choice questions that gradually increase in difficulty, fortifying my comprehension and readiness for the tasks ahead. Whenever I confront difficulties or need additional clarification, ChatGPT serves as my go-to resource. Moving on to the practical phase, I request ChatGPT to come up with a simple project for me to code. But it doesn't stop there; ChatGPT assists in devising an outline or a roadmap to approach the problem efficiently. This approach ensures a systematic process in problem-solving, critical in coding. Once prepared, I transition into the coding phase. If I encounter an error, need guidance, or a code review, ChatGPT is at the ready. After I finish my coding, a review session with ChatGPT is mandatory—it invariably offers feedback to improve my work. If I need further practice, I ask ChatGPT for a more challenging problem, continuing this iterative and responsive learning process to ensure my steady progress.

The emergence of powerful AI tools like ChatGPT brings us to a crossroads. We find ourselves faced with an important decision, one that could have significant ramifications for our personal and professional lives. On one hand, there is the fearful narrative of job loss due to AI-driven automation, which, while plausible, overlooks the other side of the coin: the untapped potential of these tools as tremendous facilitators of growth and learning. By embracing AI like ChatGPT, we can turn a potential threat into an invaluable ally. Instead of succumbing to AI-induced job loss, we can utilize these tools to enhance our skills and secure our dream jobs. The choice is indeed ours

Screenshots of Interactions with ChatGPT:

A demonstration of ChatGPT's ability to break down a topic with a simple easy-to-understand explanation
ChatGPT guiding the learning process with multiple-choice questions to bolster understanding of backend server coding
A session with ChatGPT performing a thorough code review, offering invaluable suggestions for code improvement.
Requesting and receiving a new backend project challenge from ChatGPT, keeping the learning journey engaging and progressive

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