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Journey through Metaschool Road2Web3 Cohort 2: Navigating the Blockchain Landscape, NFTs, and the Future of the Metaverse.

Secrets of my Web 3.0 journey: NFTs, Metaverse, and the Future of Digital Evolution - A Rollercoaster Ride from Fun Minting to Bold Visions in Biomedical Engineering!

Metaschool #R2W3 Cohort 2's another week!
(I actually think that 'Cohort' is just so old school for the web 3 folks but hahaha, cute)
In case you don't know what's that, click to know what's Road2Web3 by Metaschool here.

Explored on EthGlobal which we'll talk about soon. Just like how Sneha shared that explorations there are cool. And now, catching up with most things listed there. It's great how I already completed some workshops beforehand, allowing me to move on faster. However, I was really not a great blockchain developer at all, just hoping to integrate some features. Just appreciating how the mentors that I met along the way have always been helpful. Only that, this time, there might be some new explorations.

#Blockchain. It's insane, really.

Completed certain metaschool workshops with many questions asked. Mostly about how do we think about those jargons. It's funny because I view them in a completely different way compared to a few years back then.

For the #bizarre #concepts that we're encouraged to share about Web 3.0, NFTs, dAPPs and more as we completed those previous workshops and code camps, here we go...

TLDR: I used NFTs for fun and destigmatizing mental health back then. Now, I'm hoping for them to be more accessible assets in the metaverse that open up possibilities from XR, possibly linking up with biomedical engineering field in the far future.

I find it challenging to integrate #blockchain with #XR, also confused with many things going on for blockchain gaming. So, I'll see how I could collect these information together and share them with people interested.

Not an extremely heavy dAPP user yet, but I'm just curious of their adoption making things more convenient, similar to how Suku and Sui make current social medias directly becoming wallets.

In 2021, NFT was like a fun thing to me. Friends and I minted on Polygon, sending art NFTs we created to each other on festivals for fun. I even debuted NFTs to destigmatize mental health. Everything was just so much fun while I also saw people sharing PFPs and minting collections for high prices like crazy. I didn't like NFTs focusing solely on materials. Now, I didn't say that it ain't good, but without a balance between materials and the real humanistic missions, you and I have seen how meme coins could have its bubble. Different people have different opinions and I respect that. I also respect some entertaining values of something gradually. And, I always tell myself that I have to be able to minimize the risks in each step I take and master the skills so that we could use the power of love to eliminate the fear of unknown.

Still about NFTs. Soulbound NFTs that I've used to distribute to the contributors and supporters of advanced biomedical engineering projects focusing on mental health. They used to be a whole collection of Mental Health DAO sponsored by The good thing about blockchain is seen here when that collection on celebrated a great time sunsetting as our sponsor had a pivot to become but all the NFTs minted are still on the blockchain. The community also has each other's information for the future related metaverse events or updates because the description that we craft with what we hope that the public would know is minted together with each NFT. Isn't that amazing?

It's cool to see some NFT holders enjoy their communities, while others immerse themselves into the artistic and philosophical values the NFTs provide. In some cases, these NFTs may even become valuable assets with practical uses that we'll talk about in the future.

That's just a balance in the Web 3 community that I love a lot. Admittedly, my balance hasn't shifted much toward more materialistic views, possibly tied to my relationship with money and life. Over the years, I've looked at things from different angles, less biased. Materials, and humanistic mission. We could balance them both. Many things that seem to be broken could be fixed if we balance them both. Getting 'yes and' instead of 'either or'. Not just for blockchain or metaverse, but for any new creations, technological advancements. You've see the pattern when these aren't balanced. We've seen it all.

For dAPPs, the metaverse and the other things, I do have some funny stories. In real life events, I've been to communities that deny them at first sight due to inconvenience, 'over-futuristic', and more. Again, no right or wrong as different people are more suitable for different paths.

However, for anyone who has to grow with the belief that all challenges could be overcome in some fields that are yet to be explored, I knew that it's just crucial joining communities that value that person.

A community with people that wouldn't say you're too crazy for things or blame you for making mistakes when you're willing to get up and iterate. I've jotted down the top 3 web 3.0 communities for creators I join right now. Actually, each is transitioning into different styles of loving communities and the longer just the way they were. The longer you grow with them, the more you'll see that they're no longer be about web 3.0.

It's just so joyful for me to see things flourish for real. Join the journey, maybe?

I'll jotting down the trial and errors, ups and downs of me and my collaborators trying to integrate blockchain for XR. Human vs AI challenge thingy is also a fun thing for XR exploration. All for the human experiences. For our civilization.

with love,

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