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Top 3 Web 3 communities for my metaverse creation journey for now...

the communities that value you, for real.

note: yes, I used to make these on but it started glitching when I type caption on a picture recently, so I shifted to paragraph to continue my 'mintable' blogs. You may now collect with MATIC here.

Important to have communities that value us.

A stone on the road is a cool stone making roads with the others.
A stone with gem inside is a stone worth a million.
There's really no right or wrong in what kind of 'stones' we become, but it has to be the most suitable community that we feel. By that, I mean, the place that could make you feel like that's where you belong as well.

A community with people that wouldn't say you're too crazy for things or blame you for making mistakes when you're willing to get up and iterate. I'll just list down 3 blockchain communities I see my value inside.

Well, actually, Buildspace isn't just for blockchain projects, but for all kinds of projects and weird creations already. Buildspace community for the consistency of sharing whatever we create in life with all the emotional building stories of quickly making things public and iterating with Farza's labs and livestreams... 

LearnWeb3 DAO community for the open-source contribution, news breakdown by Haardik H. and bounties of Web 3 projects, and just those detailed sessions that you have close virtual chats with the 'masters' and OGs. So real, so bold, and so funny when giving opinions.

Metaschool community for the small Web 3 projects having fun, then scaling up into bigger projects. Or, like what Sethu said, for some Web 3.0 bizzare accidents. A lot to explore for Metaschool on this journey because I really hope to integrate blockchain with the metaverse. Quite formal ways of doing things compared to any web 3 communities I've explored so far, which might be a unique style. I'm still exploring in this community so I might add more to it soon. And, we'll talk more about that in another lovely mail.

In the next ones, I'll break down my insights of my secretive journey of knowing NFTs, Web 3.0 and my exploration from submitting a project for EthGlobal with hiccups. And, we'll see if blockchain is for metaverse together. Subscribe if you like my exploration from the biomedical engineer trying to find great integrations for the metaverse / extended reality to enhance human experiences.

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