drafted this - I think - a week ago.

Two weeks ago I've turned off all notifications in Warpcast. No news anymore when something gets posted in a channel or by a specific person. I noticed I was relying too much on the algorithm to feed me content. I stopped exploring channels and people.

Soon my feed turned homogenous. The same pfps showed up. All nice people. All people whose content I enjoy, but I felt I was further restricting myself. What now? An ever-growing list of channels I follow? Back to notifications? No way!

After returning from dropping the kids to school, the number in the red notification circle was 33. Thirthy-three things I should be looking at after being away from Warpcast for 1 hour? Also why is the circle red, what is so urgent about it? And what does it do to my status if I know who liked my cast? Half the people I don't know. I could dm them all. But ahhhhhh I got work to do, posts to write for X and Medium, a team review to prepare, slides to get ready, a submission for Farcon lighting talk (am I the only one always associated con with con-artist and never with conference?).

My take is this: We're drowning in information and platforms like Farcaster can help us curate content. One way to curate content is to follow people or channels. But something is missing and I haven't nailed it yet.

7am cast curation

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