Without empathy suffering would be senseless. In the science-fiction tale Hyperion from Dan Simmons, Empathy broke off from the God-head. But I forgot why. There where to ultimate intelligence, two gods: The machine made and the human made. But what role did Empathy play? Where did it stand?

It is only fitting that the One Who Teaches is a female. Stereotypes dictates that women are more nurturing, thus closer aligned to empathy. More skilled to feel the pain others are feeling. But why is the One Who Teaches a child?

Kids are curious creators who like to play. They also lack inhibition, airing every idiotic though that passes their mind. They can also be ruthlessly mean, wishing evil on you.

I have the idea of society molding, forming children into the proper shape. It's a theme in Taran the Wanderer, a wonderful fantasy kid's story. A young man searching for who he truly is. He's trying out several trades, excels at all but the one he most desires: potter. He follows the advice of a witch and looks into a magical lake in a mountain. Only to see his own reflection.

You can't have empathy if you despise yourself. Go look into the mirror and say "I'm great!"

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