search is broken

Do you remember the day Ted left? Frustrated at the level of Spam kicked off between $degen and a particular perl contest with woj. I wish I could find the cast back as proof but search is broken. GMfarcaster talked about it, I'm sure, but search on Zora is broken.

Our tool to resurface something is a leaky human memory and asking others in the ecosystem for help, hoping their brains is less leaky than yours.

Bookmarks do not solve this. Bookmarks are great for saving content that you know is useful, important, insightful, or relevant. That's great. But so much we realize was important in hindsight. Days, weeks, and month later we recall fragments of stories. Missing details we spent hours looking for that elusive cast. Loosing time to gain 320 characters.

Who of you feels confident walking in a new city without google maps, finding their way from the airport to their hotel without their mobile phone. There's a level of exploration and adventuring in the unknown that we have lost since that pivotal day in 2007.

Would I voluntary return to a pre-computer-in-the-pocket area? No. Do I miss part of it? Yes.

Btw, Ted came back.

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