012 - touch grass

310835 touch grass NFTs on Zora

With all the time we spent stuck on our phones or hiding behind a larger screen, it's no surprise that the meme touch grass is having a strong hold on our minds. We're building a living in an economy that currently only exists digitally. We can't yet buy coffee onchain with a tap of our Base-ring. I'm expecting this at FarCon 2025

No wonder that we keep reminding each other to go outside and touch grass. Actually exactly 2433 times since the inception of Farcaster. The first mention of it on the Protocol by dimalaba.eth, simply stating "touch grass". It might have been a dunk at someone...

But while we are strong supporters of the meme, most only mention it in passing. We're not fully in it. Nobody has skin invested in the game. Except for 420 channel followers of course.

The peak toucher of grass, or at least casting about it, is msm. It's the orange dot in the bottom chart that's high up and all alone at 22 mentions of touching grass. However, it looked more like a failed engagement farming tactic, as their current profile is full of ham-mints.

What shall you do with all that information about touching grass? Go and mint kid#3 first NFT calling you to touch water!

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