018 - ode to all network weaver

This is an ode to all network weavers out there! Originally I meant to write something else. The habit of keeping it dry, and scientific overcame me. I have the perfect background reading for this piece on network weaving. It describes the five phases and which structural aspects to pay attention to. I was even overcome with the desire to layer in insights about semiotic cooperation (what even is this???) and how expertise impacts all of this.

But what I actually want to write is an ode to all the network weavers that crossed my path. This is in praise for everyone who

  • Talks with strangers and friends to discover what are their needs, desires, goals, and struggles

  • Connects strangers with each other on a simple hunch that they - maybe - could benefit from knowing each other

  • Create initiatives and projects and pull in others who can contribute to it

It's community building, it's project management, it's leadership, and parenting and shepherding. It's all of the above and even more. It's going to your boss and trying to do the impossible: Putting a number on people's relationships. Computing the fiat or crypto value of whatever side-side event or project took shape in your mind. It's through some magical reason holding a thousand variables in your head, knowing the people, their impact on each other, and on the environment. And how the environment impacts the people.

And often it's doing all of this with a smile and not always the recognition it deservers. Because, at the end of the day, the only thing you are doing is talking with people. And this isn't a job, isn't it?

Looking out for people, making sure that the squishy and soft stuff works, isn't a job. Writing code is a job. Getting clients is a job. Cue in bro-growth-marketing energy

But making sure that team members don't kill each other while discussing a proposal, that's not a job.

I call bullshit on all of that.

/rant over

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