023 - What I read this week

I did the math yesterday for my summer vacation with the kids and realized two things: First, I work so that we can travel ๐Ÿ˜… All the savings are going into plane and train rides. Second, I could lower the costs by half if I'd buy a van. And now I'm left researching my hikes through the Baltic countries (and Poland) and a camper van with 5 single berth. Why not two queen size beds and one single? When living in a tight space it's important for everyone to know they have their own private quarters. For my kids, that's their bed.

Chapter 3 of Muted Words will be released tomorrow. Here is what chatgpt has to say about the first two chapters.

Chapter 1: Morning Rituals
Prompt: summarize the story

Every Monday, she sits in a bustling cafe, savoring her coffee with her eyes closed and a faint smile. Despite the modern disdain for coffee and the trend toward various flavored teas, Mara sticks to her ritual. The cafe's atmosphere is a blend of technology and detachment, epitomized by the robotic barista serving trendy drinks. Unfazed by the changes around her, Mara confidently leaves the cafe, carrying the wisdom of her years.

Chapter 2: Nightime distractions

Prompt: Make it sound like a teen talking to another teen (asking for a book club report was kinda meh)

Youโ€™ve got to check out this story. It's about this older lady, Mara, who has this deep chat with a girl named Maud. Mara talks about how she stopped really smiling a long time ago, like not just faking a smile but genuinely feeling it. Sheโ€™s super wise and kind of grumpy about how people today are so glued to their phones and fake everything, like emotions and even smiles.

What I read this week

Loads of camper van designs, and some tips for through hikes. Doing 30km in a day sounds alright doesn't it? If this is your cup of tea, say hi

In Building the web3 equivalent of Substack with Paragraph (and Mirror) (Crypto Consumer Chronicles) Humpty talks with Colin. The part that stands out for me is the larger vision of making it easier for creators to combine different ideas gathered from their readings into a new post.

I finished The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. Fascinating story line about human evolution, human-AI collaboration or dependence, and space travel. I read it on a kindle and was reminded again how Amazon destroys the magic of finishing a book by directly recommended other things for you to read.

In 12 features from pirate nations TPAN explains how Pirate Nations is building an engaged user base through game-related dashboards and partnerships. The newsletter is nice as it's at the cross-road of consumer crypto, loyalty, and community engagement

This meme spoke to me: https://warpcast.com/nonlinear.eth/0x02fbf5ef

Are you subscribed to Believe in Something by jihad?

I've also briefly checked out edison.wtf (space racer game) as it reminded me of a scene in the Hyperion Cantos. I still have to give the game a try. Check out bored's cast to learn more. If you play it, let me know how it goes.

A Weekly Dose of Optimism had loads of bot and AI topics this week. This was great to get updated. Also would love a bot to do my laundry. I hate doing the laundry.

Bookmarked but not yet read

Got questions? DC me or post them in my alfa.frens channel. Here are two more invite codes: gfJ4bo Ocv3qP

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