025 - On knowledge management & what I read this week

Chapter 4 of Muted words will be released tomorrow. Gonna work on a surprise for those who collect each chapter. Chapter 3 is here with links to the previous two.

Hosting an Farhouse on Monday on teens, social media, AI and such things (Teaching kids how to fool their moms with AI and other hijinks). Join, listen and share the space with me.

On Thursday I joined a talk on knowledge management. It was all about tech this, AI that. But for a team to have excellent knowledge management, they don't need state of the art tools. Just humans who religiously follow the process. Someone remarked that documenting, you know writing stuff down, updating documents and links, everything that is critical to knowledge management isn't sexy. It's underpaid, not a priority in most teams, not part of your job description, and not rewarded.

I picked up the conversation with a non-crypto behavioral scientist and internet friend of mine. We're chatting for the past 2 years or so, but still have to meet IRL. We ended with the conclusion that documenting is the input to many work-tasks and we are trained to value outputs. The stuff that is visible, not the documents, resources and so on that feed into tasks.

What I read this week

An excellent write-up on how cultures are different and you can't just transplant what works in country A to country B and expect the same outcome

Struggling with setting up moderation for your channel on Farcaster? Ispeaknerd provides some tips.

The idea that our thoughts and being travel at the speed of walking. By traveling faster than that you loose connection with your soul. A journey is about going to a place and coming home. The change in you is realized when you come home, not while you are journeing.

Wu-Tang Clan's secret album borrowed to an Australian museum. PleasrDAO owns the album and bought it with crypto

Interactive TV shows as described in the sci-fi book The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson are coming: https://www.perplexity.ai/page/New-Streaming-Service-2Lpd0h2xSYuQz8Tq7OQK3g

On Gender Apartheid as a good social cause to pick

And some music

Collected Bookmarks

(a lot of stuff I want to read or listen to)

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