030 - On identity, reputation, and governance

The growth channel now has a landing page. web3gurung created it permissionless πŸ˜‰https://growthchannel.xyz/

I'll be in Brussels doing the side events rodeo show during ethcc. Still trying to explain that concept to my family who live there. Yes, I'm here for work. No, I'm not attending the conference. Yes, I'm busy. No, I don't have to present anything. Yes, we can meet, but not on these times as I'm at the conference. DM me if you are there and wanna meet.

Next chapter of Muted Words is coming this week. It's The making of Mara. We're going back in time to understand better why Mara is the way she is.

On Identity and Reputation

On the surface, identity and reputation seem like two separate concept. But they are intertwined. Identity is who you are, while reputation is how others see you. One does not exists without the other. TogetherCrew is unraveling this thread, starting with putting offchain reputation onchain. 1inch wrote an in depth article on the multitude of pieces that form part of the decentralized identity landscape.

While digging deeper into this topic I came across a list of reputation token. Interesting I thought, but researching Cyber took the wind out of the sail. These weren't representing individual reputation, but just another token for another web3 project (duh). Like Build (Talent Protocol), Alfa (Superfluid) and the myriad more where you can buy access to people's time and expertise, these are projects that aim to put $ on person's clout.

Now, I have to add, that I like Build's approach of nominating others, but nominations should only be valid if you know the person. Not merely on social observations. Of course this creates other problems. No solution is perfect. Keep experimenting!

I've also tried Superfluid's product Alfafrens, but they targeted the degen culture and attracted a lot of 'let's get rich quickly' crowd. That's not the world I'm moving in. Without channel growth, the tool is just a huge money sucker. And I wasn't in for the $Alfa

Finally Trustful (by blockful), a project part of Octant's epoch 4 public goods funding round (go and donate!) is breaking the reputation silos. You know, every-time you join a new community you need to rebuild who you are. We're doing this now manually in the introduction channels, picking out specific experiences to create an identity for that community. But it's all "us talking" and we all know humans bullshit, over-index certain experiences, and like to add color. Trustful is solving for that.

On Governance

Can you eli5 these terms: β€œVote with Reason” β€œProposal” β€œQueue” β€œVote Delay” β€œVoting Period” β€œGovernor” β€œTimelock” β€œTransfer” β€œQuorum” β€œThreshold”. Or something more esoteric like "Moloch"?

Jargon is a shortcut. It's a way for those involved in the conversation to package a complicated process into one or two simple words that outside the current context are meaningless (see Trig's reply). It helps the insiders to move ahead, but as Rafa points out, it builds up walls making it harder for newcomers to join the conversation. Spencer Graham provides a counter point that making everything too accessible too early creates a meaningless word salad

On Community

This is a deep dive into what it means to be a community manager. Not my favorite style of writing, but you can learn a lot from the section about Struggles and Testimonials.

On design

Nate's content is always great. Quick explainers about how he designs. Looks so simple...

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