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Chimerical City: An Introduction.

The Beginning of an Immersive and Experimental Web3 Serial Semi Fiction NFT Extravaganza.

The Chimerical City newsletter is an idea I've had for a while.

I enjoy writing fiction but I also enjoy technology and staying ahead of the curve.

I am using to host it as it will be a great way for me to combine my two passions as I continue to learn about all the cool things that Web3 offers! Just like 'fiction' is a lot more than just a story - 'NFTs' are a lot more than just cartoon monkey jpegs! There is so much potential in combining fiction and NFTs and the possibilities are limitless and it has only begun.

Chimerical (definition): Existing only as the product of unchecked imagination and fantastically visionary.

Chimerical City Stories will be a cross-genre fictional experiment that is backed by NFTs.

My goal is to embrace creativity, take risks, and have a good time. With the power of NFTs, I'm able to offer readers a truly unique and immersive reading experience, where each story is not only a thrilling read but also a rare and valuable piece of digital art.

I also want to encourage other writers to push the boundaries of fiction and challenge convention. I believe that fiction should be fun, entertaining, and thought-provoking, and I'm committed to providing a platform where readers and writers can do just that.

So whether you're an established writer or just starting out, I invite you to write your own "Chimerical City" story and share it with us as a Guest Writer. Guest Writers will need to be approved by me - so please reach out on Twitter first if you are interested.

If you are already familiar with Web3 technology - I'll just need your wallet address to make sure you can get paid for your post if someone purchases it. If you are new to Web3, cryptocurrency and NFTs, I will do my best to help you out along the way.

NOTE: Every post in this Newsletter is available for purchase by NFT collectors.

There will only be 10 copies available of each post (story) and they will be listed at 2 MATIC each to start. (MATIC is currently listed at 0.88 cents US).

Some of the stories will be token gated - meaning that you will need to have ONE Lane Hearst Token to be able to read them. (Anyone who does publish a guest story will get a FREE Lane Hearst Token transferred to their crypto wallet).

  • You can purchase Lane Hearst Tokens HERE.

  • There will only ever be 1000 Tokens.

  • The first 25 Tokens will be listed at 2 MATIC on May 20, 2023.

  • Future Tokens will be put up for sale at an undisclosed price and quantity.

  • Free Tokens will be provided through in-story contests and unlockable content.

  • Tokens can be resold for your own profit. Just keep ONE so that you can still read!

Character NFTs:

Most Characters will have their own exclusive NFT created that will be available to collect. The floor price on these "Chimerical City Collectible NFTs" will be set at 2 MATIC to start. Each collectible will have something unique in the unlockable content that only the owner can see, such as a backstory, side story, link to something, or even some free NFTs.

The Story:

Chimerical City will be a crime novel at its core, but I embrace and encourage all kinds of fiction, from sci-fi and fantasy to horror and romance, and everything in between, even erotica. This will be an 18+ story and will include Sex, Drugs, and Violence.

Overall, Chimerical City will be a combination of short one-off stories as well as a few overarching plotlines that will contain reoccurring characters. It will be written primarily through the first-person account of a man named Lane Hearst.

Wait, what? Isn't that you?

Yes, it is, but it is a pen I am going to be creative and create a fictional version of my fake self.

Do you got a problem with that?

Lane Hearst is a man at the crossroads of his existence. He is a gambler, a lover, and a disillusioned soul. In a city that both captivates and repels him, a missing woman propels his journey of self-discovery, using his investigative skills and his camera to capture moments of truth in a world defined by illusions. With every click of the shutter, he seeks to find meaning in a society that seems to have lost its way, striving to forge his own path amidst the glimmers of hope and darkness that lurked in the heart of Chimerical City.

Anyway, the story will also include multiple other POVs and characters as well.

Fiction plus NFTs = Creativity.

Feel free to add your own story to complement what has already been written.

The City (the Main Character):

In the heart of Chimerical City, lives unfolded, forming a vibrant tapestry. Social media celebrities adorned trendy cafes, seeking validation and followers in the sea of likes and comments, while their presence beckoned the attention of fans and opportunistic marketers. Their lives became a whirlwind of selfies and sponsored posts, reflecting the allure of the influencer's paradise.

Winter arrived, bringing a biting cold that pierced through the layers of Chimerical City. The wind howled through the alleys, chilling the bones of those unfortunate enough to call the streets their home, while snowflakes danced in the air, softly landing on the gleaming marquees that promised fame and fortune to all who dared to chase their dreams.

Alongside the shimmering façade of this world, Chimerical City held its secrets and contradictions. Homeless individuals, prostitutes, and other forgotten souls huddled under tattered blankets in alleyways and under highway overpasses, their existence a stark contrast to the glitz and excess that surrounded them. The unforgiving hand of circumstance had shattered their dreams, if they had any left.

At the same time, the city's affluent and powerful reveled in its indulgences. Wealth coursed through the veins of Chimerical City, nourishing the lavish lifestyles of the elite. Luxury boutiques, high-end restaurants, and extravagant nightclubs lined the streets, where money held no constraints. Business tycoons and celebrities mingled, their lives intertwined in a never-ending dance of power and influence.

Yet, beneath the grandeur, darkness seeped through the cracks, crime threading its way into the fabric of Chimerical City. The allure of wealth and the desperation of the less fortunate drew shadows along dimly lit alleys, where deals were struck and secrets were buried. The city's grand illusions masked a darker truth, as ambition and greed collided, leaving scars on those who dared to tread its treacherous path.

Amidst this tapestry of contrasting lives, Lane wandered through the streets with his notepad and his camera, capturing moments of beauty and despair, seeking the truth, if there was such a thing. He yearned to find himself amidst the chaos, but the city's undercurrents tugged at his soul, pulling him deeper into the darkness hidden behind the pretty curtains of the City.

Chimerical City is a place where dreams were sold and crushed, where beauty and tragedy danced hand in hand. It attracted dreamers from far and wide, each hoping to leave their mark on the city that promised so much.

A reflection of life itself, Chimerical City was a delicate balance between hope and despair, success and failure. It represented a city of contradictions, where dreams could come true or shatter, where wealth and poverty intertwined, and where the pursuit of happiness clashed with the depths of the human soul in a timeless dance.

Chimerical City, with its allure and its shadows, stood as a testament to the fragility of dreams and the complexity of human existence.

Welcome to the stories of Chimerical City.

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