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Farcaster spring

what a time to be alive

We are about one week displaced from FarCon, and I think the community has a collective hangover from the highest highs of our convention (and the lowest lows if you were volunteering). It was so much fun. All the people you wanted to meet, you probably met. All the events you needed to be at, you were at. And of course just vibing out with all the folks you didn't know that you had to know. And everyone is moving on.

So what's next? We are entering into the summer, and I have tempered hype about the things to come in our space comparatively to the winter. More people are going outside. They will spend less time within the newsfeed. My excitement now for the summer is how much we can build quietly and for ourselves.

We are beginning to be more social offchain because we trust who is on the other side of that PFP. It's a mini-social bear market onchain. It's Farcaster summer.

"The time will come when winter will ask what you were doing all summer." - Henry Clay

Other feelings I have now:

  1. I am really excited about 0-to-1 with authentication. We are really, really close to endgame with user onboarding. Tons of options, all of them work.

  2. I think we can start doing more composable social experiences. Go to an event, buy something fun.

  3. There are indisputably more accounts on Farcaster, but still only a small town's worth of citizens.

  4. We have developers leading, but now we have others assisting with teams.

  5. Increased pressure to deliver, less pressure to be first to market.

  6. Scaling is coming, but you must build your own infrastructure.

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