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CoCreated -> Building a Community

Serious fun exploring our shared humanity in web3

We are building a community of people who want to have serious fun creating and curating together - exploring our shared humanity and how to live in the decentralised tech enabled future we are building. This is an intro post to share where plans have got to, and an invitation to join the conversation.

This is what I hope we will build together: A community of curious, kind, web3 passionate souls who come together to create, curate and collect - exploring how to live well; how to lead empowered, creative lives, and to enable others to do the same.

I see us experimenting with the potential of digital technology to express and enjoy ourselves by making and collecting art.

Part of the experiment will be a Farcaster client that is also a community artwork (side note - my evolving thoughts around FC client as artwork)

We are Optimising for Fun

This is the formula

  • Meaningfully connecting with each other (connection)

  • Doing things that cause us to be fully present and for time to disappear (flow)

  • Being in the process, detached from the outcome (play)

connection + flow + play = fun

credit: Catherine Price

We are Connected by being Open Curious and Playful

We are open - about ourselves and to new ideas

We are curious - about technology, each other, what might be possible, and our human condition

We are playful - doing things for their own sake, for the joy they cause

Each of us has a part to play -> collecting, creating, curating

Collecting -> Fuelling the creative process

Creating -> Making things that are new and valuable (if only to ourselves)

Curating -> Sharing and amplifying the good, creating pure signal in the noise

collecting + creating + creating = coCreation

Our core activities (at least to begin with)

1) Fuelling collaborative art by contributing and collecting (facilitated by ChrisCoCreated as lead artist).

2) Collecting and sharing creative work that articulates our values.

community = coming together to express our shared values


The community artwork / app I am building has been described back to me as a vibe client. So what's the vibe? If I were to say it in a word -> Nourishing; if I have a few more, then open, curious, playful, kind, generous. Essentially I am trying to bring my artistic intention as a Philosopher Builder into the world through this work.

Some experiences in the app will be gated to community members, other will be available to our audience. Visualise the app a bit like a theatre - with a public front of house (public chat) and auditorium (audience experience), and a private workshop (creative space) and greenroom (social space).


Community members commit to supporting (contributing to and collecting) one new artwork a month.

  • Everyone in the community gets the piece for free.

  • We then sell the piece, and a split goes to the lead artist and the rest of the proceeds from that sale goes to a shared treasury that we use to buy creative work.

  • We have a token for the treasury that represents a portion of ownership and voting rights.

Next Steps

  • Gather the early community

  • Start building a CoCreated client as artwork

  • Create our first piece (around a core value)

  • Sell it

  • Curate our first artwork(s)

  • Keep building and drawing in likeminded souls

How can I get involved?

Join the temporary Telegram group until we move the conversation to the client that I'm building.

And good people know good people - if there is anyone that would love to be part of this then let them know!

And of course subscribe to be updated with developments.

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