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We've almost reached the target

The crowdfund is in its last 2 days! We are 94% Funded, and the last 0.12 will be match funded by the awesome people at Fabric.

The funding will enable me to keep working on the CoCreated Farcaster native experimental community art client. It would be awesome to have your support, you can join in the crowdfund here everyone who contributes will be part of a thank you piece that I am making with their pfp, and there are major perks for everyone coming in as a CoLaborator above 0.01ETH.

"Farcaster is my canvas"

I love this description of what I'm up to (h/t KMac) I am working with both the community and the technology with the intention of nourishing everyone participating

Current CoCreation

A new floor of The Scenius Spire is under construction, with the community asked to participate in it's construction:

We're capturing key moments from a momentous past couple of months in farcaster, including going permisionless and more importantly the WOWOWO. Contributions will be crafted into a dynamic HTML piece.
and you can see the first two pieces made in and for the client at and

Subscription coming soon

Membership subscription is coming in the next few days. Perks include:

- CoCreated piece airdropped each month
- All scenius pieces airdropped while a member
- Participation in limited access pieces including the OG CoLaborator piece
- Curate the art
- Share of the art vault (so long as you are part of the community)
- Early and Backstage access
- Participation in CoCreation workshops
- Access to members only functionality in the client
- Your own CoFID
- Core Community to shape this experiment
- Entry into monthly raffles for 1/1 work and CoCreated workshop with your friends/team
- Be part of the community of 150 people max

Subscriptions will be given to crowdfunders - help get us over the line by supporting here

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